Seminyak? Why Not

The atmosphere in Seminyak offers a very different than Kuta Bali. If Kuta is known for casual and relaxed, while Seminyak gives the impression of a modern and formal.

Only 15 minutes drive from Kuta, Seminyak is one of the famous places in Bali and home for many kinds of hotel, villa, restaurant and luxurious spa. You can also easily find boutiques and upper-class shopping centre in Bali. The scenery in  Seminyak itself is quieter than Kuta, mostly tourists spend a lot of time to sunbathe, enjoy the spa or just relax.

The Best Way to Explore Seminyak

Located right next to Legian, Seminyak is located on the southwestern coast of the island, most of the coastal areas don’t have the highway to accommodate the amount of traffic every day. Almost every day, especially in the afternoons and evenings, traffic is always busy.

Tourists who come for a holiday will choose to stay or rented a villa in Seminyak. Because the best way to explore Seminyak is going on foot. If you are already familiar with the streets in Seminyak, you can find a motorbike rent services that are widely available along the street with the cost around IDR 50.000 – IDR 75.000 per unit per day. You can also use Taxi, but if you use a taxi, will often be stuck in traffic which will affect the cost of your taxi.

For those of you who do not like to walk and do not like riding a motorcycle, we suggest you use the car rental services with the driver in Bali. Although you may find a traffic jam, at least, you do not have to drive.

Interesting Things in Seminyak

The traffic is often busy, the price of food is high, the cost of accommodation is also more expensive than Kuta, then what’s the interesting things? Well, Seminyak offers different things than Kuta or Legian. If the area of Legian and Kuta are favored by tourists who are looking for nightlife, cheaper hotels price, food prices are still affordable and crowded, Seminyak chosen by tourist who is looking for a place to stay that is more private, shopping places that offer unique merchandise, a luxury SPA treatments as well as a restaurant with five-star standards. Seminyak has become an elite tourist resort for foreign and domestic tourists.



Below are the names of elite restaurants in Seminyak that you might want to try;

  1. Kudeta Seminyak
  2. Metis Restaurant Seminyak
  3. Sarong Restaurant Seminyak
  4. Warung Made Seminyak
  5. Gado-Gado Restaurant

Seminyak is also known by its various luxury private villa for rent. Most package tour hotel and villa rental, located in Seminyak. Because of the wide range of luxury facilities in this area, Seminyak became very famous and beat other places.

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