Bali celebrate Muslims’ big day

Bali celebrates Muslims’ big day, At the end of this month, Muslims all over the world will celebrate the end of a month of fasting, the Ramadan. Idul Fitri is the name of this day, falls this year on June 25th. It’s one of the most important temporary human migrations, Muslims people will return to their hometown to hold some prayers and reconnect with their family by having a big feast. Families usually will have a special Lebaran meal, with the signature dish known as ‘ketupat’.

Many Indonesians and Malaysians people move together, so that cause massive traffic jams and a rise of demand in transport. In Jakarta, No one is on the streets, and the traffic jam is not too crowded. Around 1.6 million people will travel out of Bali by road, and also by air. Flights have been increased by 97 percent, it means about 317 extra flights.

Bali’s Port of Gilimanuk, the main crossing point between Java and Bali, has also been ramping up security in the days leading up to the big holiday.

Moreover, at the end of the Idul Fitri holidays, traffic conditions to go back to Bali are complicated, most transportation is fully booked for this period.

Because of the week-long holidays, many people will travel to Bali as well. Lots of hotels there offers Ramadan promotions. Another fascinating thing that is characteristic of Idul Fitri festival is that typically, this is the time of the year when Muslims get new clothing. That’s why many stores offer great deals during the month of Ramadan.

In addition to this, Idul Fitri Festival is also marked with making donations to the less fortunate in society. If you do something bad, during this period you can ask for forgiveness from others.

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