Balinese Art

Balinese Art is something really anchored in the Balinese lifestyle, so much anchored that art doesn’t exist from their point of view. It is an activity which is present in their habits, it is not only limited for ceremonies but in every moment of their life. You can notice it when they are doing their daily offerings, it is an ephemeral piece of art made with all their willingness. No matter if it is destroyed by the end of the day, the most important is to create something nice with your faith.

They also create sculpture in carved stone, especially volcanic stone which is suitable for a precise cut. Each temple, but also some houses and public buildings are designed with some sculptures which represent mythological divinities.

There is a lot of other arts frequently used by Balinese people:
The painting, with the traditional “kamasan”. Those painting usually describe a mythological story and are decorating some palaces in the island.
The production of tissue which is an important part of the Balinese art, especially because ceremonies in temple expect people to wear a “sarong”. The sarong is a piece of tissue wrapped around the waist that men and women have to wear when they are going to the temple. It is a symbol of respect and it allows to hide legs, considered as “impure” in this religion.