Berawa: A New Treasure for Property Investment in Bali

Are you still hesitating about investing in Berawa?

Your search is over, this is the perfect place to buy or rent a villa or create a new business.

There are so many reasons why Berawa is a treasure for property investment.

First of all, this area of Bali is really developed, but it still keeps its Balinese authenticity. Berawa is the best place on this island if you want to invest because you will be able to vary your activities while staying in a peaceful and calm area. If you want to have dinner in a trendy or just a typical Balinese restaurant? You will find many in Berawa. If you want to go shopping? You can also find a lot of trendy shops. You are an athletic person and you want to continue to maintain your body? You will also find in this area of Bali a lot of fitness and CrossFit centers. On top of that, Berawa is ideally located: nearby Seminyak and Canggu, if you invest here, you will be located in the center of a very developed area, and, you will also be able to enjoy the beach every day because Berawa is just located a few minutes walking from the ocean. So, whether to buy or rent a house for you or to create a business, Berawa is the perfect place to invest in Bali.

In Berawa, you can find everything you want.

When you want to invest in an area, you need to know if you will find all you need. If you want to buy a villa and to live in this part of Bali, you will find supermarkets for your shopping, health centers, hospitals, pharmacies… You can find in Berawa all the necessary accommodations, and this is really important. If you want to start a business, you’ll also find services such as notaries, banks, and located in a touristic area, it is the perfect place to develop something new.

If you are a stranger and you’re a bit frightened about investing in Bali, Berawa is the perfect place. Why? Because there are a lot of different communities, and so, even if you are far away from your country, you can feel like you’ve found a new home. Indeed, you can find many communities like french or Australian ones, but if you are a surfer, for example, you can also find surfers’ communities, which will allow you to meet new people with the same tastes and the same state of mind as you.

To resume, Berawa is a real treasure for property investment in the Indonesian island.

You will find all you need, you will be able to vary your activities, you will stay in a perfect location of Bali, you will live in a good and peaceful atmosphere, you will meet new people who can become your friends, and so, it will really feel like home.


Photo: 3 Bedroom Villa For Sale Leasehold Near Berawa Beach – PP047