Best Souvenirs From Bali

Best Souvenirs From Bali, Only few days before coming back home and you still haven’t finished your shopping yet? You want to buy memories from the Island of Gods but you don’t have any ideas? Here are some options which will probably please your family, friends and lovers!

A sarong is a large piece of fabric with different patterns. Mostly wear in South Asia, here in Bali you can find more than thousands different styles and colors of tissu. It’s always a good gift idea and even back to your country you can wear it at the beach or for next travels.

2. Atta bags and crafts
“Ata” is a plant found in Indonesia and hand-knitted crafts are made from dried Ata. There are different types of crafts such as bags and baskets. Atta bags are the most wearing bags in Bali, you can find them everywhere at different prices. Can be nice gift for your mom, friends or sisters! You can also buy any atta items if you like natural decoration for you home.

3. Kopi Luwak or Luwak Coffee
Kopi Luwak is the most expensive coffee in the world, it is made from part-digested coffee cherries eaten by the Asian palm civet. Funny right? Taste is strong but with little chocolate flavour. If you want to surprise your friends or surprise a coffee drinker, this is the best gift to buy!

4. Coconut products
Beauty is the preoccupation number one of Asian girls and we all know the benefits of the coconut. Here you will be able to find good quality products for a fair price. Oil, cream, soap, butter, this is the place to buy coconuts products.

5. Incense and Oil
Once you arrive at Denpasar airport in Bali, you can smell aroma, which makes you feel like relaxing at a resort already. Of course everyday for the offering Balinese light incense. Yoga and meditation is also the second spirit of Bali. You can find anywhere for a good price, it’s always a good option to feel relax once you are home.

6. Beer and Bintang products
The National Beer Brand in Indonesia is Bintang! It also mean “ beer” in Bhasa Indonesia. Here people are really proud of it and you can find everywhere T-shirt, bags, keyrings and any other products with the logo. Good idea for your friends or brothers!

7. Wooden decoration
Living so close to nature, many Balinese embrace natural and artistic lifestyles, which, luckily for tourists, results in wonderful souvenirs from natural materials. Wood carvings are particularly popular in Bali. Tourists can find wood carvings of any price and quality, from cheap generic souvenirs to high-end art pieces. If you want to be cultural, barong masks or Balinese bride matching wood figures are ones to consider.

8. Paintings
Good option if you want to decorate your house or apartment, it also can be a nice gift for your parents. You can find many styles of painting with different sizes and prices. Best place to go is in Sukhawati or Ubud Art Market.

9. Gold and Silver Jewelry
Bali is famous for its silver and gold manufacture shops. You can probably find good jewelry for a cheap price. Perfect to buy a beautiful gift for your beloved family and friends.

10. A little joke?
During your stay in Bali, you probably have seen many penis wooden sculptures. You can also find with a statue style or bottle opener. For Balinese it’s a lucky charm because in their religion it represents the God Shiva Linga. In old times, men used to wear as a pendant to avoid and drive away ghosts and bad luck.
We think it can be a good joke for your friends once you will be back home!