How To Buy Property in Bali

If you’re currently searching to know how to buy property in Bali, you’ve come to the right place.
Here we provide steps you can follow in acquiring Bali property.

Step 1.
Begins with canvassing your desired area. Take one or two landmarks or hot spots that you want your property to be really close to (under 1 kilometer radius). This could be your children’s school, the place for hangouts or simply, the beach.  If this is your first visit to Bali or you simply don’t know which area that will suit your needs, you can simply contact us. We have a lot of listings that you can choose from. We’re willing to go as far as sourcing new lands for sale if none in our listings interest you.

Step 2.
Consult with us. This is the part where you tell us what you want; what kind of property you want to buy, land or resale villa, freehold or leasehold property etc; how much money do you have; in what area you intend to buy? In Berawa, Seminyak or somewhere else. This part is to make sure that you really know what you want, and that what you want doesn’t exceed from what you have, and then, hopefully, what you have could get you more than what you expect. This is the part where we try to find the best deal for you.

Step 3.
We will give you info on properties that best suited your needs based on the results on Step 2. We’ll take you to each property, explaining the perks and whatnot, show you all the documents; the land certificate; the building permit (if any); zoning policy (if any) to show you that everything is legit according to the law.

Step 4.
This part is entirely done by us. We conduct all due diligence and paperwork, ensuring that everything is legit. If the property is a land, we’ll make sure that it is build-able and located within residential zoning (known as B-2, B-3 and B-4) in Bali.

Step 5.
To the notary, where the sale agreement between you and the seller is signed.

There you go: the answer to the question how to buy property in Bali has been answered. And it’s as simple as that!