Canggu Beach, Worth to Visit

On May 30, 2013, CNN (Cable News Network) put three beaches in Indonesia are among the 100 best beaches from around the world in the “World’s 100 Best Beaches”. One of those is  Canggu Beach ranked 39th.

Among the many famous beaches in Bali, Canggu Beach is one of them which is worth visiting on the island. Canggu Beach is in Desa Canggu, Kecamatan Kuta Utara. Beach with black sand is located not far from Legian or north of Kuta Beach.

The appeal of this beach which makes it famous to foreign is ideal waves for surfing either local or international surfers. Even in 2014, there was an Indonesian Surfing Championship (ISC) in Canggu. Besides its wavelength, the panoramic of the beach is also another reason. On the opposite coast, you can enjoy views of paddy fields with a group of birds that fly over it. The atmosphere of this kind of beach is not common and certainly gives a distinct impression.

Canggu Beach now also continues to improve the facilities. There are some hotels, villas, resorts, restaurants, and cafes built for the convenience of the tourist. Watching the sunset on the beach is also one of the good things to do. Do not forget to taste the roasted corn while watching the sunset.


On the beach, there are several cafes that offer European foods, seafood and a variety of drinks. You can sit in rows of seats on the beach to enjoy the food while watching the panorama of the coast


There is a lot of clothing store, souvenirs at the entrance and exit of this beach. So, certainly, you can shop at this beach.


Do not worry about the accommodation, you will find good resorts, hotels and villas or you maybe want to stay for a long term? Do not hesitate to contact us, because we have so many offers for you.

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