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Area: Petitenget/Batu Belig

Sub Area: Petitenget

Bathroom : 2

Land Size : 135 m²

Building Size : 115 m²

Living room : Opened/Enclosed

Leasehold Period : 25 year(s)

5min Driving to the beach

Area: Petitenget/Batu Belig

Sub Area: Petitenget

Bathroom : 4

Land Size : 125 m²

Building Size : 200 m²

Living room : Opened/Enclosed

Leasehold Period : 10 year(s)

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Bali Home Immo offers a wide selection of leasehold villas in the Petitenget district of Seminyak. If you want to invest in a house in a very developed and lively district, which remains close to many other areas of Bali, then the Petitenget district is for you! 

The Petitenget district is located west of Seminyak, just next to the Batu Belig and Kerobokan districts. You can reach these areas in just five minutes by scooter. Petitenget is a very developed area of Bali, you will find many shopping streets. On Jalan Pantai Petitenget, you will find many restaurants: from the typical warung to the Italian restaurant, there is something for everyone. If you are a pizza fan, we recommend La Barracca restaurant. You will also find on this axis a lot of shops; clothes, souvenirs, but also decoration. You can do great business there. If you want to relax, you will also find lots of spas, and if you are more into sports, you can also find what you are looking for. Still on Jalan Pantai Petitenget, you will find many trendy bars and nightclubs. If you want to spend a good evening and dance until the end of the night with friends, we recommend Da Maria. 

In Petitenget, you will also be only five minutes from the beach. Petitenget beach is particularly famous for its beach clubs and luxurious hotels. You can try Le Mano, a small beach club, with exotic decoration, which will immerse you in a real paradise on earth. You can enjoy the pool for a day with friends, or enjoy a good meal. 

You will also find in Petitenget a famous temple: it is one of the most visited temples in Bali, you can enter and visit it for only a few rupees; you will be immersed in Indonesian and Balinese culture, and you will also have to wear the necessary clothing. 

Petitenget is a very lively neighborhood in South Bali, if you want to invest in a leasehold house in a lively neighborhood, which offers many activities, which is located on the coast a few minutes from the beach, and which will also allow you to stay close to other important areas of Bali, then Petitenget is the neighborhood for you.