Fiber Optic Internet Providers in Canggu

In today’s world where interconnectivity is everything, the quest to find the right Internet Service Provider has become quite the daunting task. Whether intentional or unintentional, the Internet is something that people today use every waking hour and is no longer a luxury, but a staple. When settling down in Bali, here are the four main internet providers that you can consider.

Telkomsel IndiHome

IndiHome is one of the services provided by Telekomunikasi Indonesia in the form of data service packages containing home telephone, internet, and television services. This offer is a three in one package because in addition to the internet, customers also get access to TV shows and telephone lines. The IndiHome package also comes with content such as digital music portal services and Home Automation.

IndiHome services can only be applied to homes in which there are fiber optic networks available from Telkom (FTTH) and areas that still use copper cables.



Cyberindo Aditama (CBN)

At the start of Indonesia’s communication industry history in 1996, CBN was one of the pioneers and has strongly emerged ever since. CBN is the leading ICT company in Indonesia, providing one of the most reliable Internet Services. It has thousands of kilometers of Fiber Optic Network infrastructure.

CBN proposes multiple packages options starting from RP 299.000 per month.




Biznet owns and runs the latest fiber optic network with the biggest data center in Indonesia. It also provides high-end services with fast and safe performances. In 2007, Biznet Engineering Labs launched Biznet Metro FTTH, a fiber optic network available for residential areas, a first in South-East Asia.

Like it’s competitors, Biznet offers several packages with prices starting at RP 300.000 per month.



Having started in 1996, and established in Bali at the year 2002, GlobalXtreme is one of Bali’s oldest and most experienced Internet Service Providers. They propose a variety of packages to help you find a suitable service tailored to your needs.

GlobalXtreme now has branches in Bali, Malang, Balikpapan and Samarinda.