Global Warming

Global Warming, As you know, global warming is an important issue that causes a lot of problems nowadays and Indonesia has to face it.
Indeed, Indonesia is the world’s third largest emitter of greenhouse gases which make this country extremely vulnerable to the effects of climate change. It will impact a lot of aspects of the country like the economy, the population and human health (10,9% of the population are poor, which represents more than 28 million of people that will be hugely affected by global warming) and of course the environment.
The principal causes that make Indonesia the third largest emitter of greenhouse gases are the deforestation, forest fires, the degradation of peatland and the climate change.

According to some reports, the number of natural disasters is increasing in Indonesia due to the global warming: typhoons, droughts, forest fires, floods and of course the degradation of the environment with the forest and marine biodiversity. For example, the increase of the sea temperature can destroy the coral reefs and lead to a loss of marine species. Moreover, in 1990, the Indonesian forest represented 65% of the land area, in 2006 it decreased by 48%. It could affect the different species living in this environment like the orang-utans, their survival depends on the forest habitat.

There is also an increase of problems that the population has to face, like the irregularity of the harvests in the rice fields, the water resources, the health… The natural disasters and others problems like higher temperature, sea level rising and floods could cause death or could increase the different diseases or infections and impact the food production and security.

Finally, we can talk about the economic consequences and the decrease of the country’s potential for development. Indeed, if appropriate measures are not taken, the country will face difficulties concerning the development and the reduction of poverty. Furthermore, climate change could cost between 2,5 percent and 7 percent of GDP to the Indonesian state.

Indonesia has to take really strict measures concerning global warming, in order to protect its population and its economy. The government must take some actions in each vulnerable sectors and areas to maintain the health of the country and its environment.