If you are in Indonesia on the 17 August, you can’t miss the celebration of hari Merdeka, aka the Indonesia Independence Day. But why this day is so important for Indonesian people?


To understand the importance of this day in Indonesia and why it’s considerate as the National day, it must be important to do a brief history lesson.

In the past, Indonesia was colonized by Netherland. The Indonesia independence has been proclaimed at August, 17th 1945 at 10:00 am (local time). But it’s just in December 1949 that was officially recognized.
Later, in 2005, the Netherland will recognize that the veritable independence was in 1945.
Today – in 2017 – we will celebrate the 72nd anniversary of the Independence of Indonesia.

The first president and vice-president after the independence was respectively Soekarno and Hatta, who can see on the 100 000 banknotes.

Now you know the history, we can talk about the celebration !


White and red country
On 27tth of August, we can see all the country in white and red. A lot of money is spent on the decorations. When you go out on this day and previous days, you could be certain to see many Indonesian flags in the street, in front of house, restaurants, bars, companies… And if you don’t have your own flag, don’t be worried, you could buy one to many sellers, who rush themselves to sell it.

As each year, the president talks to the assembly to remind the importance of this day and what it’s represented for the country. Of course, we assist at the hoisting of the national flag at the president’s palace while a talented vocalist sings the national anthem of Indonesia called “Indonesia Raya”. If you don’t have the opportunity to be at the president palace, you can watch it on TV, as commemoration program.
There are many parade all around the country but mainly in big cities as Jakarta.

Games are plentiful on its special day. Indonesian people play them in the street all day.

o Panjat Pinang
It is probably the most famous and old Indonesian game tradition. It’s also organized in weddings. Few days before the D day, they cut many tree trunk, sand and lubricate them. After that, they put some prize at the forefront. The goal is to club under the front and take present. It’s very difficult so, they often do it together. Paradoxically, this game was born when Dutch colonized the country, they found funny to see indigenous do it.

o Lomba makan kerupuk
Krupuk – which is shrimp chips very famous in the country – are attached with twine in the air. And only with their mouth and without hands, children tried to catch a “krupuk”. The rule is very easy: the first children who finish the chips win.

o Sack races
This game is famous all around the word and we can do it in many countries.a Lot a of race are organized in the country and especially in small village.

At home, women try to do the biggest krupuk and the best nazi tumpeng. They share the food with family, neighbors… There is also cooking competition The winners of these cooking competitions will receive a token for their skills in the kitchen.