Local Markets

Local markets in Bali are a good way to discover a bit deeper the local culture and the Balinese way of living. There are many markets, not so far from Canggu, where you can find a lot of products like food, spices, fruits, but also art with pottery, sarongs, wood sculpture… It is something to do if you want to learn more about the Balinese culture.

Pasar Badung: Typical market located in Denpasar where you can find everything. It has a traditional Balinese architecture and is often crowded except between 2 and 4 pm. When you arrive, a guide will propose his services to make you discover the market. Be also prepared to bargain, prices are higher for tourists. Pasar Badung is one of the oldest markets in the island, people come also to make offerings and to pray so you can feel the traditional Hinduism atmosphere while discovering fresh products, colorful spices and so on…

Jimbaran Market: Really known for its fish, it is a market where you can observe traditional fish boat coming back from fishing early in the morning. You can observe a huge diversity of fresh fish, and not very expensive. You can even ask some local restaurants in the market to cook your fish freshly purchased. A really good way to discover the local way of living and local products.

Pasar Sindhu: A night market located in Sanur, one of the most famous in Bali. There, you can find tasteful local dishes made in front of you. There is a good atmosphere, you can enjoy the traditional cuisine while speaking with Balinese people.

Samadi Sunday Market: Happening every Sunday from 9 am until 2 pm. You can find a vibrant market with local organic farmers and artisans who propose healthy fresh products every week.

Old Man’s Canggu Market: Located in Batu Bolong, this is a market where the Canggu community meets. You will find local designers for shoes and clothing, jewelry and other accessories. There is also homemade organic skin care, and a lot of surf products. There is also a selection of home products like ceramic plates or home decoration products.
Moreover, you can find a selection of local farmers who are selling their recent harvest.