The Day of Silence 2019 – Saka New Year 1941

The Day of Silence, also known as Nyepi, is the start of Saka – the Bali year. It would take place on March, 7th 2019.

This is a religious ceremony that consists in hiding the presence of human lives by making no sound, no outdoor activity, no fire, no artificial light, no TV broadcast and you can guess, there’s also no internet cellular. It is a day of introspection, reflection and complete privation for Balinese.

No traffic is allowed, not only cars but also people, who have to stay in their houses. You will see Bali as never before, the whole island is basically transformed into a ghost town and to make sure nobody breaks the rules, the Pecalangs ( local security officers of an administrative village in Bali) control and check for street security, but also to stop any activities that disturb Nyepi.

For most tourists and expats, Nyepi can be an inconvenience, but it can also be an amazing experience. It is a great time to meditation, read your favorite book, spend a day with your family or simply a delightful excuse to do absolutely nothing.

The day before Nyepi you can watch the Ogoh-Ogoh ceremony so you can make as much noise as it is humanly possible in order to scare off all evil spirits and prepare yourself to a great day of silence. You can also take advantage of the WiFi during those 24h of calm and chill to glance at our offers.

Nyepi is a unique experience, and there is no other day like it anywhere else in the world.