Sport activities in Bali


Bali is the preferred destination for people who practice yoga. It seems to be the perfect place to practice this activity.

First because of the spirituality which emerges from this island with the Hinduism religion and also because of the beautiful background offered by this place. The sense of the true inner peace found in Bali coming from the daily rituals and humble devotion of its people.


Local people practice “Bhakti”, an unconditional gratitude for life that permanently live in the heart of people. If you come to Bali to try the Zen attitude you won’t have any difficulties to find a good yoga studio in Bali. The most popular yoga center is in Ubud: The Yoga Barn, where you can enjoy the view of rice fields and mountains. There is plenty of  other Yoga studio in the South-West, like in Canggu, Seminyak or Uluwatu.


There is a lot of possibilities concerning hiking in Bali, a lot of agencies offer different tours in different places on the island. The most famous are the one which leads to the Mount Batur and the Mount Agung. You can also join a hiking tour in the National Park of Barat, in the West of the island.

But there are other options for the nature lovers, for example, the treks that you can join around Mayong, Sidemen, and Munduk. And of course the climb to the volcanoes of Java.


An original way to discover the island and its landscapes. In family or with your friends, you can do a ride across the island where you can admire landscapes such as rice fields, passing by the jungle with its dense vegetation and discover the different traditional place.

All of that with strong sensation. You will find some companies which offer this kind of activity, with different tour depending on your expectations. It is a fun way to discover Bali!

There is a lot of activities to enjoy your vacations in Bali, with you family or on your own.

Of course, the islands offers a lot of possibilities to get some sensations while discovering the sightseeings. Bali combines the pleasures of everyone, from watersport (surf, diving, kitesurf…) to hiking, biking, treetop adventure and so on…