The Best Co-Working Spaces in Canggu

Over the past several years, the Canggu co-working scene has been rapidly growing, offering a wide range of working areas from Batu Bolong to Berawa. Whether you like a dynamic venue where you can network or a quiet and studious environment, we have selected for you the top three co-working spaces around.



Jalan Batu Mejan No 88, Canggu

Subscription cost: $150-200/month

Probably the most popular co-working space in Bali, Dojo was opened back in 2016 by founder Michael Craig. It has since become an institution in Canggu. Conveniently located across from Echo Beach, the venue is a unique resort-style working space. Its glittering pool and tropical garden create a warm and inviting working atmosphere. It is often crowded and busy. If you are looking for a thriving community where you can easily network and make friends, Dojo is ideal for you!


Outpost Canggu

Jalan Raya Semat No. 1, Canggu

Subscription cost: $49-180 per month

The Canggu version of Outpost opened recently in 2018, following its big success in Ubud. Its ergonomics and interior layout are less “beach club” like and more office like creating a productive and quiet working atmosphere. Many digital nomads say that this is the most productive space in Canggu. If you are looking for a quiet environment with little distraction, this place might be just for you!


Tropical Nomad Canggu

Jalan Subak Canggu No. 2, Canggu

Subscription cost: $31-160 per month

Conveniently located on the Canggu to Berawa shortcut, this popular working space opened fairly recently. Very Instagrammable and tropical, it is also one of the cheapest in the area. If you are on a budget, this venue is ideal for you.