Why is it More Interesting to Rent by The Month Rather Than by Night?

Many tourists come to Bali most of the time for a long time because there is so much to discover in here, from partying in the club every night, candlelight dinner on the beach to outdoor activities such as rafting, paintball, hiking Mount Agung and even spiritual activity like yoga.

Renting is one of the easiest ways to find accommodation in Bali when you want to be in a villa with pool to feel at home. However, the duration of the rental has a great influence on its price.
Indeed, on average for a night in a villa the best price is around IDR 700K-1400K for 1 bedroom, what if you decide to stay for 2 weeks? this can be relatively expensive compared to monthly rental.

While in the opposite case a monthly rental is estimated at IDR 17-25 million for 1-2 bedrooms, which is largely more go. It is therefore important to reconsider the issue of the rental period when you want to rent because the duration is a very important factor to take into account at the budget level.