Bali Fight Against Plastic Waste

When thinking of Bali, picture-perfect visions of rice fields, waterfalls and white sand beaches often spring to mind, and rightly so. But for decades now, Bali has been fighting an ever-growing environmental crisis that’s littering the paradise island: plastic.

Tracing the origin of plastic waste turns out to be very difficult, but experts in the matter estimated that 80% of plastic waste that ground on the island’s beaches comes from Bali itself.

To curb the dire consequences of pollution, Bali Governor Wayan Koster announced a ban on single-use plastics on December 24th, 2018. The goal that he expressed is to reduce plastic waste by 70% within 2020.

This policy is aimed at producers, distributors, suppliers and business actors, including individuals, to suppress the use of single-use plastics. They must substitute plastics with other materials” Mr Koster said, as quoted by tribunnews news site.

Koster added that a 6 months grace period will be granted until administrative sanctions will start to apply. If not compliant, plastic users will not see their business permits extended.

January 2019. Tourists take a stroll on a beach covered in plastic waste. Photo Credit: Jason Childs.

Jakarta government is said to follow along and place a ban on plastic too by taxing plastic bags.