Property Investment for Sale Leasehold in Batu Bolong / Echo Beach - Canggu - Bali

2+ Leasehold Properties Investment in Batu Bolong / Echo Beach - Canggu - Bali | Invest in Bali Real Estate

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Learn more about Property Investment for sale leasehold in Batu Bolong / Echo Beach, Canggu, Bali


Bali Home Immo offers you a selection of other properties for sale in leasehold in the Batu Bolong and Echo Beach areas, these areas are located in the western part of Canggu. Very frequented by tourists, investing in these areas is a real asset. 

You will be able to reach this district by the "shortcut" which is a very famous shortcut that connects Jalan Raya Semat to Pantai Batu Bolong in about ten minutes. This axis is one of the most commercial of Canggu. You will find a large number of restaurants: from the typical warung where you will find dishes for less than two euros but also restaurants with western food, such as the Moana restaurant where you can enjoy fish dishes. If you want to taste Italian dishes we recommend the restaurant Pizza Fabbrica. Finally if you wish to have breakfast in an "instagrammable" place then we recommend the Café Vita which makes hearty and delicious bowls smoothies. You will also find in Echo Beach the famous beach club with typical Balinese decoration, La Brisa, which offers you a magnificent view of Echo Beach and which once night falls turns into an open-air nightclub with events where famous DJs are invited, you are sure to have a great evening. 

If you want to relax you will find a number of spa centres in these areas where you can get a body massage for an hour or a manicure for less than ten euros. If to relax you need to do sports then we recommend you to train at the Body Factory, a very well equipped sports complex with expert coaches to advise you. 

If you want to party then we recommend Batu Bolong Beach where there are open-air bars where you can dance your feet off in the sand, an incredible atmosphere and music for all tastes. 

In the Echo Beach area, Jalan Munduk Catu which is the main shopping area of this district, you will find all the necessary amenities such as banks, pharmacies and supermarkets. 

These two districts have many assets to invest because of their great tourist frequentation, you won't make a mistake investing there.