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Area: Jimbaran

Bathroom : 3

Land Size : 200 m²

Building Size : 180 m²

Living room : Opened

Leasehold Period : 20 year(s)

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Bali Home Immo offers you many villas for sale in leasehold. The leasehold sale contract is a very different contract from the freehold sale. Indeed, a foreigner cannot become the owner of a property, except under certain conditions, a property must be in the name of an Indonesian citizen (read more: Basic Things to Know About Investing in Bali). However, the sale of a leasehold villa will allow you to become a homeowner over a period of several years. The leasehold sale contract is a kind of very long-term lease, the usual lease period is 25 years, this can obviously be less, but also more, because you will often have the possibility to extend the lease to more than 50 years. By entering into a leasehold sale contract for a villa, you become its owner for the duration of the lease. You will be responsible for this property and may benefit from the privileges and obligations that this entails. The leasehold contract must appear in your will, however, you can always resell the lease. Once the leasehold period is over, the villa is returned to its owner. 

The leasehold sale contract is an excellent alternative to freehold sales, it allows you to become the owner of a villa over a given period of time, while a foreigner cannot, normally, own a villa in Indonesia. We offer you many villas for sale in leasehold: you can choose between our luxurious houses, our typical Balinese townhouses or our modern apartments. You will also be able, according to your desires, to choose a furnished or unfurnished villa. The furnished villa will save you time, and also money, however the choice of an unfurnished house will allow you to decorate it to your taste and feel totally at home.