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Bali Home Immo offers you a selection of other properties in Canggu in the south of Bali. This city has developed in recent years has become a major tourist destination in Bali. You will find in Canggu different neighborhoods that attract tourists from all over the world. If you are looking to invest in a restaurant or hotel then Canggu is ideal.

You will find in Canggu city different neighborhoods. Berawa, one of the best known neighborhoods for tourists who come to the island, in spite of the high number of visitors, this neighborhood has kept its charm and authenticity. You will find there a large community of digital nomads who live in Bali and work mainly from their computers, there is also a community of surfers throughout the city of Canggu who are there to enjoy the incredible Balinese waves. You will find in Berawa a large number of tourists who want to discover the area and enjoy the Balinese sun. You will find on its main axis, Jalan Pantai Berawa, many massage centers to relax, restaurants of all kinds.   

You will also find in Canggu the districts of Batu Bolong and Echo Beach, these districts located at the west of Canggu are very animated. There are many beach bars where you can enjoy the sunset. You will find many shops on the Pantai Batu Bolong, from local shops like Bamboo Blonde to international shops like Le Petit Cartel. You will also find many cafes and restaurants on this street, each as good as the next, from the small warung where you can enjoy local dishes to vegan cafes and western food restaurants. You will also find some of the best places in Canggu such as La Brisa which is a beach club or the restaurant Le Lawn. If you want to party with your friends then we suggest you go to the Sand Bar or the Old's Man which are two bars with different atmospheres to satisfy everyone. 

Finally we propose you other types of properties for sale in the north of Canggu, this area has kept its authenticity. Although calmer, the north of Canggu remains a district with high potential to open a business. 

By investing in Canggu and its neighborhoods with very different atmospheres you can not go wrong!