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Area: Canggu

Sub Area: Batu Bolong / Echo Beach

Land Size : 700 m²

Splitable : No

Leasehold Period : 29 year(s)

IDR 35.000.000 / Are / year

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Area: Canggu

Sub Area: Batu Bolong / Echo Beach

Land Size : 1.196 m²

Splitable : Yes

Leasehold Period : 30 year(s)

IDR 42.000.000 / Are / year

Walk to the beach (600m) | Splittable

Area: Canggu

Sub Area: Batu Bolong / Echo Beach

Land Size : 3.510 m²

Splitable : No

Leasehold Period : 18 year(s)

IDR 40.000.000 / Are / year

10 years extension negotiable

Area: Canggu

Sub Area: Batu Bolong / Echo Beach

Land Size : 2.360 m²

Splitable : No

Leasehold Period : 25 year(s)

IDR 66.102.000 / Are / year

500M from the Beach

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Bali Home Immo offers you many leasehold plots in the districts of Batu Bolong and Echo Beach. These districts, located west of Canggu, are very lively areas of the island of Bali. They are famous for their shopping streets, their beaches, but also their charm. If you are looking to invest in a trendy area with a lot of activities, then these areas may be for you! 

The Batu Bolong area is located west of Berawa, you can reach these two areas in about ten minutes by taking the famous "shortcut" Jalan Echo Beach. The Batu Bolong district is mainly concentrated around its main axis: Jalan Pantai Batu Bolong. This huge shopping street, which joins the beach, offers, at first, many restaurants. Here you will find cuisine from all over the world, as well as local cuisine. If you like hot croissants and French breakfasts, we recommend Monsieur Spoon: his shady terrace will allow you to enjoy a tasty breakfast in peace and quiet. Jalan Pantai Batu Bolong also offers a wide range of shops: decoration, clothing and souvenir shops. If you wish to go shopping, we recommend the Love Anchor, a small covered market where you can buy clothes, decoration and jewellery at lower prices. You will also find a lot of spas for relaxation, or even sports halls for the more courageous. If you like to go out in the evening, this district of Batu Bolong is also famous for that; you will find there many bars, in particular on the beach, and you will be able to spend a good evening with friends at the Old Man's for example. The beach of Batu Bolong will allow you to have a drink in front of a sunset, or to try your hand at surfing, it is an excellent spot. Trendy, touristic, and lively area, Batu Bolong is a district made for you if you want to invest in a land and build a guest house, or live close to many activities. 

We also propose you plots of land in the district of Echo Beach, west of Batu Bolong. Only three minutes by scooter separates these two very close areas. You can also enjoy many shops in Echo Beach, including Jalan Pantai Batu Mejan. You will find restaurants, shops, spas... You will also find the necessary amenities such as supermarkets, pharmacies and banks. Echo Beach is also known as an excellent surfing spot. On the beach, you can enjoy bars or beach clubs that will immerse you in dreamlike settings: we recommend La Brisa, a beach club that is a must in Bali. 

These highly developed and lively areas are attracting more and more tourists from all over the world. Building a hotel or guest house on a leasehold land could be very profitable. If you want to build your dream house in a developed and trendy area, Batu Bolong and Echo Beach are also the right place for you!