5 Recommended Beach Clubs in Bali 2023


Bali, known as a global hotspot for night owls, continues to shine in the international party scene. Competing with other nightlife hotspots such as Ibiza and Dubai, Bali's appeal has not diminished, in fact it has become even stronger. In this article, we present our list of the best beach clubs in Bali where the island's vibrant nightlife really comes to life. 


Atlas Beach Fest


Although Atlas is fairly new compared to other beach clubs in Bali, opened in 2022, it has quickly become one of the most popular party scenes on the island. It might not have the history of other beach clubs on the island, but it has made a name for itself in record time.



Atlas Beach Club

Photo by Atlas Beach Club


Atlas confidently claims to be the biggest beach club in the world, and it certainly lives up to that claim. Atlas boasts multiple facilities, such as a nightclub, gym, culinary grounds, and a vast beachfront area that is divided into four sections. Besides its scale, Atlas's magic also includes a chic and modern design, top-notch service, and an atmosphere that's nothing short of electric. 


Atlas Beach Fest is rewriting the playbook on what a beach club should be in Bali. It's not just a place to party; it's an experience that's changing the game in Bali's nightlife.


Finns Beach Club


A stone's throw away from Atlas Beach Fest will lead you to the iconic Finns Beach Club. Despite the ever-evolving landscape of Bali's beach club scene, Finns Beach Club has steadfastly maintained its stellar reputation and still captivates the hearts of both local and international visitors alike.



Finns Beach Club

Photo by Finns Beach Club


Nestled on the stunning Berawa Beach, the setting at Finns is nothing short of picturesque. The black volcano sands merge seamlessly with the azure waters, creating a postcard-perfect backdrop that welcomes sun-seekers from around the globe.


The stunning surroundings are not the only charm Finns have; the club is also renowned for hosting awe-inspiring international events and featuring world-class artists on its boho-style poolside stage.


Potato Head Village


Potato Head Village has a lot of fascinating aspects that leave a lasting impression on visitors. One of the most striking features is the remarkable facade made entirely of old wooden shutters, an architectural element found exclusively in Southeast Asia. This iconic beach club remains popular for its innovative design and lively atmosphere.


Potato Head Village is more than just a visual marvel, however; it's a business committed to making a positive impact. Following the motto "Good Times, Do Good"," Potato Head is committed to sustainable development without compromising on the quality of its experiences and offerings.



Potato Head Village

Photo by Desa Potato Head


As part of Potato Head's commitment to sustainability, several environmentally conscious initiatives have been introduced. These include educational programs aimed at raising environmental awareness in the community, a commitment to sourcing sustainable farm-to-table cuisine, and innovative practices to reuse waste products. They also do routine beach clean-ups to preserve the beauty of Bali's coastline.


Potato Head Village shows us how a place can be creative, care about the environment, and still have loads of fun. When you go there, you're not just having a good time but also leaving a positive mark on the environment.


Single Fins


Single Fin is a place you won't want to mix up with the Finns in Canggu. It started in a low-key manner way back in 2008, but it's now at the very top of Bali's must-visit list. Perched atop the edge of epic cliffs, and overlooking the legendary Uluwatu surf break, the view in Single Fin is nothing short of jaw-dropping, especially when the sun begins its slow descent into the Indian Ocean, painting the sky with a fiery palette of colors.



Single Fin

Photo by Single Fin


Single Fin doesn't just offer killer views; it's an all-day hangout spot. You start your day in Single Fins with breakfast, complete with a steaming cup of freshly brewed coffee. As the day progresses, you can lounge with your favorite cocktail, enjoying the ocean breeze while watching the surfers catch the waves below. Their music programs feature international DJs and live acts during their renowned Sunday Sessions. This is one beach club you don't want to miss when you visit Uluwatu.




Savaya is another place that deserves a mention when it comes to the most stunning cliffside beach clubs in Bali. It's not just a beach club, it's a spectacle. Nestled between the untamed beauty of the jungle and the towering limestone cliffs of Uluwatu, this enclave sits proudly atop a natural wonder 100 meters above the Indian Ocean. The uninterrupted, endless panorama is simply breathtaking. The architecture here is like a work of art, making Savaya a cult masterpiece.



Savaya Bali

Photo by Savaya Bali


The stage has hosted some big names, including Diplo, Jason Derulo, Marshmello, and more. This influx of international music talent makes Savaya even more attractive and a must for anyone who wants to experience the magic of Bali.

When visiting Bali, nightlife is simply a matter of choice. With so many options, you can choose the beach club that suits your mood and preferences. If you plan to visit several beach clubs in Bali during your stay, consider these rental villas to make your Bali pilgrimage as enjoyable as possible.