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Our agency offers you villas for monthly rental on other Indonesian islands. Bali has grown strongly in recent years, and the other Indonesian islands remain less frequented. Offering so much natural wealth, you can enjoy sublime landscapes far from Bali tourists on other Indonesian islands by choosing one of our houses for rent. 

We initially offer you villas on the Gili Islands. Located northeast of Bali and west of Lombok, these small Indonesian islands are very small in size but will still offer you superb views. They are particularly famous for their long sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, and breathtaking views of northern Lombok and its volcanoes. These islands, while the locations are very close to each other, they are quite different. Gili Trawangan, is known to be the island of celebration. You will find a lot of young people going on holiday to enjoy the many bars and nightclubs on the coast. Gili Meno, the smallest of the three islands, is the least frequented. You can feel as if you are on a deserted paradise island, far from tourists. Gili Air, is known to be the most family-friendly island. Less developed than Gili Trawangan in terms of evening, you can find many restaurants and enjoy the beautiful beaches with your family. On the three islands, you can enjoy superb diving spots, and discover the seabed, or maybe even share a moment with the turtles. 

Bali Home Immo also offers villas for rent on the island of Lombok. Lombok is an Indonesian island located east of Bali and west of Sumbawa. This island will offer you, just like Bali, many breathtaking landscapes. You can enjoy heavenly beaches, and also landscapes shaped by volcanoes for example. You will find many tourist places like Kuta, but you can also choose to get away from the crowd and enjoy this island in a relaxing and quiet environment. If you are a surf enthusiast, you can also find many must-see spots in Lombok. 

Finally, Bali Home Immo also offers you houses for rent on the island of Sumbawa. This Indonesian island is located west of Lombok and east of the famous island of Komodo. Sumbawa Island is a much less popular place than Bali or Lombok. You will find yourself in the heart of the premises and the local culture’s authenticity. You will also be able to enjoy sublime beaches and exceptional landscapes. 

If you like heavenly scenery and fine sandy beaches, then these Indonesian islands are for you. We offer you sublime properties in order to make the most of these wonders of nature can be experienced by you.