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Area: Seminyak

Sub Area: Beachside & center

Land Size : 600 m²

Splitable : No

Leasehold Period : 26 year(s)

IDR 42.000.000 / Are / year

(98m) Walk to The Beach

Area: Nusa Penida - Lembongan

Land Size : 3.255 m²

Splitable : No

Leasehold Period : 25 year(s)

IDR 10.527.000 / Are / year

Beachfront Land

Area: Cemagi - Seseh

Land Size : 7.600 m²

Splitable : No

IDR / are

(300 Meters) from the Beach

Area: Kuta/Legian

Land Size : 3.000 m²

Splitable : No

Leasehold Period : 25 year(s)

IDR 50.000.000 / Are / year


Area: Tanah Lot Area

Sub Area: North side (Tabanan)

Land Size : 10.000 m²

Splitable : No

Leasehold Period : 30 year(s)

IDR 6.000.000 / Are / year


Area: Other Indonesian Islands

Land Size : 7.300 m²

Splitable : No

Leasehold Period : 16 year(s)

IDR 2.996.576 / Are / year

Beachfront Land

Living on Bali's beachfront is the peak of living in paradise, but the number of beachfront land is very limited because most are already occupied by luxury resorts and restaurants such as in Seminyak and Kuta. Your best chance to find beachfront land for sale is by looking further to the west where you can find some in Cemagi and Pasut Beach. If you can’t find any suitable opportunities in mainland Bali, we highly recommend searching in Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan, or outside Bali such as in Lombok, the Gili Islands, and Sumba. Our beachfront land collection covers all those areas, but they may not be available at all times since the demand is very high.