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Bali Home Immo offers you different villas on the island of Lombok. Located east of Bali and west of Sumbawa, the Indonesian island of Lombok is known for its beautiful landscapes and beaches. In Lombok, you can do many different activities and enjoy the Indonesian sun all year round. Less touristy than the island of Bali, Lombok is an excellent alternative to enjoy the sublime landscapes that Indonesia has to offer.

In Lombok, as in Bali, you will find some areas more touristy than others. The Kuta area, for example, is quite touristy. Kuta is known as an excellent surf spot. Located south of Lombok, you will find in Kuta many restaurants, shops, spas, or fitness centers to vary your activities, especially on Jalan Raya Kuta. 

Lombok is very famous for its many paradisiacal beaches with fine sand, we recommend several of them: first of all, the beach of Sengiggi. You will have to pass through this area when you arrive from Java or Bali. The beach is beautiful, and you can enjoy delicious seafood in one of the many beach restaurants, with your feet on the sand. We also recommend Mawun Beach; about 35 minutes by scooter from Kuta, the road to get there is beautiful and will plunge you into the heart of nature and especially melon cultivation. Finally, we also recommend Tanjung Aan beach. Surrounded by black rocks, this white sandy beach will offer you transparent water of a heavenly blue sea. Less visited by mainstream tourists, you will find yourself in a peaceful and calm corner of paradise. 

 In the north of the island, you will find the famous Mount Rinjani. If you are sporty, you can venture into trekking of several hours to reach the summit and enjoy a spectacular view. 

 In Lombok, you will not be bored, you will find everything you need and want, and you will be able to enjoy the beautiful and varied landscapes. If you want to discover an Indonesian island different from Bali, Lombok is the right destination for you!