Local Culinary Art

Local culinary art In Bali, you have various choices concerning culinary tastes and places to eat. You can find a lot of local varieties from the simplest “nasi goreng” (fried rice with vegetables) or “satay” (chicken or pork with peanut sauce) to refined cuisines with natural spices like the “bebek tutu” (duck cooked on the grill) or “Ikan pepes” (grilled fish in a banana leaf). Balinese food is principally made with rice, fresh vegetables, peanuts, chicken and of course chili. Spices are frequently used in Indonesian cuisine in general, and this country is well known for its rice. Indeed, Indonesia owns the best rice growers in the world.

Concerning meat, local people prefer poultry, seafood, and eggs. Red meat is not the specialty in Bali, and in the other parts of the country also. You can eat red meat in Bali anyway, but it will be difficult to find the same quality as in European countries.

Concerning the places to eat, there are restaurants in almost every street, the typical Balinese restaurant is called “warung”, a cheap place where you can eat local specialties. There are all kinds of warung, with more or less choice, it is the perfect place to eat in a typical atmosphere and to familiarize yourself with the Balinese lifestyle.

Of course, touristic areas are also part of the island, especially in the South. You won’t have any difficulties to find places such as sophisticated restaurants with tastes from all over the world.