How to Subscribe Internet and Telephone Line

Indonesian telecommunication systems have improved rapidly in recent years. Many homes in large urban areas already have a telephone line installed.
It should be noted that new lines are not available in all areas so the availability of a line or additional line should be confirmed before choosing a place to live.

There are some companies offering fixed-line and mobile telephone services in Indonesia. The coverage offered varies between companies and can be patchy in rural areas.

Telephone Service

Telkom Indonesia, or just Telkom, is the largest telecommunications company in Indonesia. This state-owned company offers fixed line, wireless, mobile and Internet services throughout the country. Although the company does maintain an English language website, some details of the services and products it offers are only available in Indonesian.

Telkom can inform people whether it is possible to have a fixed line connection in a location that currently doesn’t have one. It is the company to approach for fixed or wireless connections in the home. The Internet and mobile telephone services are also available. When moving into a property, it is wise to check whether there are any outstanding charges on the phone line and whether all bills have been paid.

IndiHome is a service from Telkom, which consists of Fiber Internet or High-Speed Internet (Fast Internet), Interactive TV (UseeTV) and Phone (Home Phone). For most parts of Indonesia, IndiHome will be served by using 100% Fiber, Fiber Optic cable means deployed to the customer’s home.

IndiHome services available in the area of the existing network of Telkom Fiber Optic (FTTH) and also an area that does not exist FTTH network.

How to register?

First of all, you need to prepare documents; copy of KTP (if you are foreigner copy of passport), materai 6000 and copy of the last PBB (Pajak Bumi & Bangunan).

You can register online or come to the nearest office in your city.

For online registration;

1. Visit click “Check layanan Indihome berdasarkan peta”

Screenshot (36)

2. Find your address and check availability, e.g., “Seminyak”.

3. Choose the service that you need, e.g., “IndiHome 10-20Mbps” click “Konfirmasi Paket” and click “lanjut”

4. Input personal data, check “Saya setuju dengan syarat dan ketentuan yang berlaku.” and click “Lanjut”

The request will be processed, and the Telkom will immediately contact you by phone with numbers 024-147 or email within 1 × 24 hours. If you feel the registration online is very difficult, you can come to the office nearest Telkom in your city.

How much does it cost?

1. New Installation will be charged Rp. 75.000, – and will be added to the first month’s bill.

2. Free charge IndiHome device settings.

3. Free charge cable installation costs Fiber IndiHome standards up to a maximum of 100 meters. Excess costs IKR> 100 meters will be added to the first month’s bill.

4. Customers will be charged a monthly rental Set-Top Box (STB) according to the type was chosen, which will be added to the first month’s bill.

5. For customers who want to use UseeTV additional line will be charged an additional and installation costs will be billed in the next month.

IndiHome subscription fees charged on a monthly basis depending on your choice IndiHome Services. For more information about the monthly cost IndiHome accessible during registration subscription.


Bills for Telkom services are paid monthly and should be paid between the 5th and 20th of each month for the preceding month’s service. There is an additional charge if the bill is paid after the 20th of the month and outgoing calls are stopped if a bill remains unpaid by the 30th. Customers with accounts at one of the main Indonesian banks can pay their bill at their bank, by telephone, online or via an Automated Teller Machine (ATM). The paying options available for users of different banks are listed on the Telkom website.

Sometimes many customers who complained problems Telkom bill of IndiHome swollen, sometimes it is cheaper to pay online and sometimes it is cheaper to pay at Telkom office. You can also ask about your bill at the Call Center Telkom at 147, via Twitter @TelkomCare, Facebook TelkomCare and via email at

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