Associations contributing to the cleaning of beaches in Canggu

Associations contributing to the cleaning of beaches in Canggu, one of the most worrying issues in Bali is the environment. The result is dramaticat: garbage runs along beaches, in rivers beds, and also in some villages. Far from clean and heavenly hotels, nature is in danger and the health of the inhabitants too. This pollution spares no region of Bali: cities, rural areas, seafront, mountains villages…Plastic bags submerge streets.
That’s why many associations have emerged in the need to act, and to change the bads habits of the inhabitants.

Associations contributing to the cleaning of beaches in Canggu

Events are organized regularly to clean up the beaches; anyone wishing to contribute to a good action during his stay in Bali is obviously invited to these events.
For example, a cleaning of the Berawa beach was organized on Tues
day 16th May 2017, the waste collected was donated to the EcoBali- Waste Management association.

Trashy Tuesday

This association was established in 2006 to meet the urgent need for selective sorting problems in Bali. Their main mission is to promote the responsible management of waste, to create ecological products. Their team is made up of professionals with knowledge in the field of waste management, education programs, product design and marketing.
An initiative in the field of ecology on the local television channel Alam TV Bali, featuring news and programs, such as ‘Bali eco report’, ‘Waste buster’ or ‘Agropolitan’, for example, to raise awareness The inhabitants to the environment.

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