North Canggu


North Canggu is the district of Canggu which represents mostly the typical Balinese way of living.

Whereas most of the areas of Canggu, like Seminyak or Berawa, start to attract more and more tourists due to their increasing growth, North Canggu on the contrary, remains a place which reflects the traditional and quiet lifestyle of Bali.

Indeed, North Canggu spreads in the lands of the island, where houses are surrounded by rice fields and the landscape reflects a green and peaceful atmosphere, away from the crowd of tourists and surfers. You won’t find a lot of upmarket or trendy restaurants but mostly typical Warung and little places where you can enjoy the view of rice fields while eating typical food.

Even if this area is a little bit far from the famous and animated places of the others districts of Canggu, you won’t have any difficulties to reach them with a distance of 15 or 20 minutes by driving.

North Canggu is the perfect place to stay if you are looking for quiet environment and beautiful landscapes. This area is full of amazing villas surrounded by rice fields and dense vegetation.

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