Bali New Era versus Covid-19: What does the « New Normal » implies?

Bali New Era versus Covid-19: What does the « New Normal » implies?

 “Our lives have certainly changed to overcome the risk of this epidemic, it is a necessity. That is what many people call the new normal or new life order” said the Indonesian President Joko Widodo in his last official statement.

As extreme reinforcement has recently been made at the frontiers toward new entries in the Island of Gods, the Airport has required from May 28th to anyone coming to Bali to go through a swab test as well showing a letter stating they are not infected by Covid-19 (PCR test result). Every person failing to report those will be denied entry on the Island.

Bali capital city, Denpasar, has set up many checkpoints by limiting access only with real purpose and denying anybody not wearing a mask.

Along Bali, Manado and Batam are destinations that are the less touched by the virus so far (Bali reports 415 cases on May 28th). There is however no official reopening date yet for Bali, but the touristic destination is planning to get back on track and welcome new visitors by October, by resuming tourism activities starting by Nusa Dua, followed by Ubud, Kuta and other popular tourist destinations of the Island. Tourism facilities may resume with strict procedures applied by the Bali Tourism Agency.

Until then, Indonesian Officials are today drafting guidelines for new health protocols to ensure the control and the spread of the virus by deploying a plan of actions in several phases.

 Phase 1 : 1st June 2020, Industry & Business to Business Services can operate with Social Distancing and Health Requirements (Mask, Temperature Check, Sanitizer). Stores, markets, malls may not operate yet, except for pharmacies & healthcare shops. The health sector will be in full operation.

Phase 2 : 8th June 2020, Market, Shops & Malls are allowed to open by applying strict protocols. Businesses with physical contact are not allowed to operate. Outdoor gathering and sport activities are not yet allowed.

Phase 3 : 15th June 2020, Market, Shops & Malls remain in Phase 2. Evaluating the opening of Salons, Spas, etc. with strict protocols. Cultural activities are allowed by keeping a distance. Educational activities at school are carried out with a shift system according to the number of classes. Outdoor sports are allowed with protocol. Evaluation of the opening of wedding avenues, birthdays, social activities up to 10 people.

Phase 4 : 6th July 2020, Opening of Economic activities as in Phase 3 with evaluation. Gradual opening of restaurants, cafes, bars, gyms, and others with strict hygiene protocols. Activities with more than 10 people may resume. Flying out may be accepted with restrictions on the number of flights.

Phase 5 : 20th-27th July 2020, Evaluation of Phase 4 and opening of large scale economic sites & other activities. All economic activities may resume in early august. Strict hygiene & health protocols standards have to be applied. Regular evaluation until vaccination can be found.