IMF World Bank Meeting 2018 in Bali

The IMF (International Monetary Fund) World Bank Meeting is a meeting that happens every year to discuss the actions that could be taken on global financial and economic issues, poverty eradication, and aid effectiveness. Many topics will be discussed as the slow global economic recovery from crisis, sluggish global economic growth, increasing domination of China in the global economy and world leaders’ concerns on the impact of globalization and global integration. In 2015 the IMF choosed Bali to host the summit in 2018, October 12th, 13th and 14th. The gathering will take place in Nusa Dua, where plenty of four and five complexes can welcome the more than 20.000 delegates expected.

Central Bank Governors, Finance ministers, business executives, civil society representatives, the world media, and academics from 189 member countries will attend the different conferences of the summit.

“To serve this important event, major preparations and adjustments are necessary to be made on the island of Bali itself to meet the needs of the thousands of delegates, but which should also not disrupt or inconvenience the normal flow of the thousands of tourists and local activities on the island,” said Minister Luhut Panjaitan. Nusa Dua already had two huge convention centers, the Bali International Convention Center and the Bali Nusa Dua Convention Center, that can welcome thousands of participants.

To facilitate the traffic for that particular event authorities have decided to change the roundabout situation around Ngurah Rai airport. An underpass has been dig to unclog the high traffic, which would have been a big issue with the high number of people coming especially for these 3 days. Garbage issue is a recurring issue in Bali and authorities, with the help of the US embassy, worked on waste management and trash incinerators that may at the same time generate electric power.

Bali already has a plethora of attractions that appeal to visitors that include daily cultural performances, amazing natural beauty, underwater dive sites, delectable cuisine, to unforgettable shopping for fashion, arts and crafts. Delegates will be offered cruises around Bali to Lombok and Komodo. Direct flights will be arranged to Toraja, Labuan Bajo, Solo and Silangit airport at magnificent Lake Toba, confirmed Coordinating Minister Luhut. Already this September there will be cruise ships available at Labuan Bajo to take passengers island hopping to 6 different stops. While at Lake Toba, 2 boats will be added to take passengers touring around the huge lake.