Prepaid Electricity

This is the latest innovation from PLN (The largest electricity company in Indonesia) service is more promising Easy, Freedom, and Convenience to its customers: Prepaid Electricity – Electricity recharging!

Prepaid Electricity

With pre-paid electricity, every customer can control their electricity usage according to the needs and abilities.

Like the pulse reload on a cell phone, then the prepaid electricity system, customers also buy tokens in advance (vouchers electric rechargeable) that consist of 20 digit number that can be obtained from a bank or ATM outlets through counters payment of utility bills online.

Then, a 20-digit token number was entered (inputted) into a special called kWh Meter with Prepaid Meter with the help of a keypad that has been available in the meter.
Later, through the screen in the meter will show some vital information that directly can be known and read by customers associated with the use of electricity, such as:

• Information on the amount of electrical energy (kWh) is entered (inputted).
• The amount of electrical energy (kWh) which is already in use during time.
• The amount of electrical energy that is being used at this time (real time).
• The amount of electrical energy that remains.

If the electrical energy stored in the meter is almost run out, then the meter will provide early signals immediately.

Thus, customers in real time, every time, anytime can know exactly the use of electricity in the home. So, control of electricity usage is in your hand!

Advantage Prepaid Electricity

• Customers are more easy to control the power consumption.

Through electronic prepaid meter, customers can monitor the electricity consumption every day and every moment. Customers can see the remaining kWh on the meter display. When the customer feel the usage of electricity is uncontrolled, customers can decrease the use of electricity.

• Electricity consumption can be adjusted to the budget.

With the value of the voucher varies from Rp 20.000,- until Rp 1.000.000,- provide flexibility for customers to buy electricity by the abilities and needs (more control in managing the family budget).

• There is no penalty charge for late payment.

No more electricity pay an additional cost burden due to a late payment due to forgetting to pay the electric bill.

• More privacy.

For customers who want more comfortable, using the Prepaid Electricity does not have to wait and open the door for the officers because the prepayment meter recording automatically your electricity usage (accurate and there are no recording errors meters).

• An extensive network of electricity purchase refills.

Currently, the purchase of prepaid electricity vouchers can be obtained in more than 30,000 ATMs in Indonesia. Beside it can also be found in the online electrical outlets.

• Exactly used for those who have a business rented house or room rental (boarding).

As the owner of the house or room rental, you do not have to worry anymore about the electricity bills are not paid by the occupants of the house rented by the use of power has become the responsibility and have been adapted to the needs of tenants.

What is Electricity Refill?

Refill electricity is 20 digit numbers which are input to the meter during the rechargeable process.

Refill electric value sold in the ATM or Payment Point:
• Rp 20.000,-
• Rp 50.000,-
• Rp 100.000,-
• Rp 250.000,-
• Rp 500,000,-
• Rp 1.000.000,-

Where to Buy Electricity Refill?

Electricity refills can be purchased at:

• Payment Point Online Banking Counters (Partners Bank)
• Bank Bukopin (ATM, SMS Banking, Teller)
• Bank BPRKS (EDC, ATM, ADM, Internet Banking)
• Bank Danamon
• Bank Danamon Syariah
• Bank BNI (ATM)
• Bank Mandiri (ATM)
• Bank BRI
• Bank NISP (ATM)
• Bank BCA (ATM)

Buy Recharge

Customers can easily buy prepaid tokens (refill electric voucher) that have been available with a nominal value of Rp. 20,000 to Rp. 1.000.000,- through the following ways:

• Payment Counters Point Online Banking (Partners Bank)
• Bank Bukopin (ATM, SMS Banking, Teller)
• Bank BPRKS (EDC, ATM, ADM, Internet Banking)
• Bank Danamon
• Bank Danamon Syariah
• Bank BNI (ATM)
• Bank Mandiri (ATM)
• Bank BRI
• Bank NISP (ATM)
• Bank BCA (ATM)

The step if the purchase tokens (electric refill voucher) is done through electric payment online outlets:

1. Coming to the place of token purchase services (electricity voucher refill) in the electrical online outlet.
2. Show or mention ID meter or meter serial number to the operator/personnel who serve.
3. Tell the nominal value of electricity refills to buy. Eg: Rp. 100 000.-
4. You will receive 20 digits code that will refill on the meter printed on the receipt.

How to Purchase Refill Electricity in Some ATM

How to purchase electricity at some of the Automated Teller Machine (ATM):

ATM Mandiri

1. Choose “Pembayaran/Pembelian”
2. Choose “Multi Payment”
3. Type “30300”
4. Input No Meter (11 digits)
5. Input Nominal
6. Type “1”

Receipt will be printed


1. Choose “Transaksi Lainnya”
2. Choose “Voucher isi Ulang”
3. Choose “Lainnya”
4. Choose “PLN Prepaid”
5. Input Meter number (11 digits)
6. Choose Nominal Voucher
7. Press “Benar / Salah”

Receipt will be printed


1. Choose “Pembayaran”
2. “PLN”
4. “Pembelian Token”
5. Input Meter number (11 digits, add “0” in front)
6. Choose “0”
7. Choose Nominal

Receipt will be printed

ATM Bukopin

2. Choose “LISTRIK / PLN”
3. Input Meter number (11 digits)
4. Choose Nominal

Receipt will be printed


1. Choose “MENU LAINNYA”
3. Choose “PLN PRABAYAR”
4. Input Meter number (11 digits)
5. Choose Nominal

Receipt will be printed


1. Choose “Transaksi Lainnya”
2. Choose “Pembayaran”
3. Choose “PLN”
4. Choose “Prabayar”
5. input Meter number (11 digits)
6. Press Benar/Salah
7. Choose Nominal Token / Voucher
8. Press Benar / Salah

Receipt will be printed


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