The Different Styles of Villas in Bali

On the Island of Gods, we can find different types of villa with different styles. The three main styles are Balinese, Joglo and Modern. Each of these style presents some advantages and inconvenient and choosing which one suits you the most can be somehow difficult.

Balinese Style

First of all, there are the Balinese villas. The Balinese traditional house refers to the traditional house of Balinese people in Bali. The Balinese traditional house follows a strict ancient architectural guide which is a product of a blend of Hindu and Buddhist beliefs resulting in a house that is “in harmony” with the law of the cosmos of Balinese Hinduism.

The traditional villa is separated in different blocks, usually one for the kitchen/ living-room, and one for the rooms. The traditional property is also made up of a gazebo and Pelinggih (small temple). The house is organized as a square in such a way that you can benefice of a garden.


Joglo Style


The second style is the Joglo one. The word Joglo refers to the roof of the accommodation. The Joglo house is a Javanese traditional building that refers to the traditional houses of Javanese people on the island of Java. The architecture of a Javanese house is characterized by its dominant hierarchical rule reflected in the form of its roof and the organization of its layout. Javanese traditional houses may have a very similar layout, but the shape and the high of the roof determined the social and economic status of the house owners.

The Joglo roof is the most complex of all Javanese roof types. The Joglo roof consists of columns that become higher as it goes to the center. The four main columns of the house are often the tallest, while the outer columns are the lowest. These four columns, innermost in the house, support the roof that is the steepest of all type of Javanese roof; almost forming a pyramid, expected that there are two tops rather than a single one.


Modern Type

On Bali, you can find modern style villa with a Balinese touch. Modern style was imported by western people in Bali. They brought it on the island of Gods and mixed it with the Balinese traditional style. You can find different modern styles: minimalist, contemporary and industrial. If you want to build your house in a modern style you must put a Balinese touch in your villa. For example, it can be in the garden.

Nowadays, local people build their houses according to theirs typicals styles (Balinese and Joglo) for the outside, but inside of the building is conceived following modern architecture. Mixing tradition and modernity allows to keep the spirit of Bali.