All You Need to Know About Home Staging


Why should you home-stage your property?


Are you ready to sell your home? Staging your villa for sale can be a great way to entice buyers and sell your property at a better price. Find out more in our article below. 


What is home staging?


Home staging is a form of visual merchandising that flatters the property and lets the prospective buyers imagine themselves living in the home. It is to be noted that home staging is a different matter to interior design


Even though both of these actions might have some overlaps, which is to decorate a house, the purpose is largely different. While interior design is solely focused on individual aesthetics that aim to create a beautiful and comfortable personal space for the homeowner, home staging on the other hand is intended to cater to as many prospective buyers as possible.



Home staging targets a wider range of buyers.

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Preparing your house for sale involves more than just adding some plants, a few lamps, and new curtains. When you’re ready to sell, it’s important that your villa looks its best so that potential buyers will be more likely to choose your property as their home in Bali. Highlight the positive criteria of your villa and fix the defective aspects that might hinder the rest of the property.


  • Installing mirrors to brighten dark rooms
  • Removing unnecessary furniture in a small room.
  • Painting walls in a neutral color
  • Deep indoor and outdoor cleaning
  • More tips are at the end of the article.


Staging homes for sale is also not just about aesthetics; it’s also about psychology and marketing techniques used by real estate professionals.

3 Reasons to Home Stage your villa before selling it? 

Home staging not only will give your property a visually pleasing look but there are also many other benefits. Backed by statistics, here are some benefits to home stage your properties.


  1. Reach more buyers: Most people looking to purchase a home tend to lean toward visual features. They make up their minds about a property based on how it looks. According to the United States National Associations of Realtors (NAR), 82% of real estate agents said home staging helped their clients visualize the property as a future home while 41% said buyers were more willing to walk through staged homes they first saw online.



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When you home stage your property, you are increasing its curb appeal, which attracts more potential buyers. The more buyers you have looking at your property, the more likely you are to find a buyer who will take it off your hands quickly and for the highest price. This is also backed up by the 39% of real estate agents stating that staging impacted their buyers' perceived value of the home if it matched the client's taste.


  1. Increase property’s value: The average percentage of a home’s purchase price that goes towards staging is about 2%. That may not sound like much, but for most homeowners, it’s worth it because staging can increase the sales price of the property by about 6%. While the ROI for staged homes can range from 102% to 909%, according to NAR. That makes the investment in staging a wise one for many homeowners. 


  1. Sell Faster: NAR reported that staging also helps shorten the home's days on market (DOM) and can generate higher offers from buyers than a similar non-staged home by up to 5%. 53% of all sellers' agents reported a decrease in the days on market for staged homes.


As your staged home has to look good both in the photo and during the visit, it will be a worthwhile investment to consider hiring a professional home stager as well as a professional photographer and videographer team to capture the best potential out of your property.


How to home stage your property for sale


Buyers might see themselves living in staged houses. Furthermore, buyers who view staged property photographs online (where 97% of them begin their home search) are more likely to visit the property in person. A home's perceived worth can also be increased if it is decorated in a way that appeals to a prospective buyer's taste. However, as you want to appeal to a large pool of buyers, it will be safer to go for anything neutral. 


Here are several things you must do to have effective home staging and boost your property’s appeal.


Clean your home - Clean your home from top to bottom. There are a few areas that are more important than others, but the overall idea is to make your home look as spotless as possible. Showing your home to buyers who are walking through it in a messy state can be a deal breaker for them. So clean your place thoroughly and make sure the cleaning supplies you use are in discrete containers. You don’t want your potential buyers to see a mop in the corner or cleaning chemicals beside the sink. You want them to see themselves living in your home – not you cleaning it.




A thoroughly clean house is a must for home staging.

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Improve the energy of your home - A home can have positive or negative energy. If you’re trying to sell your property, you want to make sure you’re creating positive energy. You can do that in a few ways, such as by opening the blinds, removing clutter and adding soft, neutral colours throughout the house.


Think as your buyers would - Remove anything that might put off a buyer. You might fancy your exotic animal figures collection, but some buyers would think otherwise. So it is best to put yourself in the buyer's shoes and not put anything personal or too expressive. Shelf your family portraits and remove anything political, religious, or considered controversial. You also have to move your pet somewhere else and clean anything that will lead to it, as some buyers might have allergies.

Change the look and color scheme of your rooms - You don’t have to paint the walls in every room in your home. But changing the color scheme in one or two rooms can be an easy way to impact the look of your house. Simply changing a wall color or adding a few new decorations can do a lot to affect the look of your property. It is preferable to paint with neutral colors such as beige, grey, or pastel with a matching pop of colors from the furniture as an accent.



A soft neutral color with a matching distinct color creates an impact on your room.

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Organize your closets, cabinets, and drawers - Organizing your closets, cabinets, and drawers can be a great way to put your home in show-ready condition. It’s an easy way to not only clean up your home but also make it more usable. Clutter consumes space, and space is what entices your buyers. Reduce the clutter in your home to make it appear larger and more appealing. The less clutter there is in the area, the larger it seems and the more enticing it is to purchasers.


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When you’re ready to sell your home, you want to do everything you can to make it as appealing as possible to potential buyers. Staging your home is one of the best ways to do that. It can also help you increase the sales price of your home and get it sold for you faster. 


Getting your house in show-ready condition doesn’t have to be hard, but it does require some effort. It’s a worthwhile investment that will help you sell your property faster and for more money.

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