Transportation in Canggu, Seminyak & South Bali Area

Bali is a beautiful island in South East Asian and now it is become easier to traveling around. Driving on your own can be cheaper yet stressful, people on the road are more likely to improvise due to the lack of signaling on some roads. If you wonder how to commuting around Canggu, Seminyak & Kuta Area, here is a full list of transportation that you can find:


There is 2 types of taxis: with meter and without. It is better to choose with a meter.
At first, the taxi will display some amount of Rupiah on the meters and the price depends mainly on road traffic, distance and the time when you call it. You can say “Meter please” to the driver.


The International Driving License is required and people drive on left. Don’t rent anywhere and try to check other prices in other car location. The price to rent a car is about Rp 300.000 to Rp 600.000 per day. The standard insurance cost between Rp 1.300.000 and Rp 5.000.000 but it’s not enough! Ask with your insurance tiers responsibility that insurance you for an amount of damage below Rp 1.000.000.
You have to be very careful on the road, it is better to avoid driving at night and in some places sighs are almost nonexistent. Don’t hesitate to honk and signal yourself to other drivers because it is a habit. People prefer to rent a car with tpersonal driver when taking a long holiday in Bali.



Car Rental with a personal driver transports the most interesting and safe.
It has advantages that fill the inconvenience of the car rental. You don’t need to think about insurance and the risk of accidents. The driver usually works 8 hours but you can negotiate with him for overtime.



Scooters and bikes are the most practical transport to move quickly but also the most dangerous so you have to wear a helmet. It’s possible to rent a bike and scooter everywhere for a price about Rp 50.000 to Rp 150.000 depending the season.



TVD are private drivers that able you to call a moto-taxi with an application very used and this is practical to move quickly.
There are some companies like Uber, Grab and Gojek in this category. The helmet is provided by the driver. Prices are usually are not so much expensive.



It is possible to rent a bicycle for one hour or for one day in all touristic areas for a price between Rp 30.000 and Rp 50.000



Shuttle bus managed by companies but also by private drivers who provide a link with the most touristic places on the island. There are about 4 to 5 seats maximum and they are more comfortable than Bemo because they have an air conditioner.


BEMOS (mini-bus)

The Bemo is the old classic public transportation in Indonesia. Unfortunately, it is starting to disappear in favor of scooter. It usually runs only in the morning and follows an already predefined trip, mostly from town to town or traditional market. There is about ten seats but it is not the most comfortable transport especially on long distance.
Moreover, it is also the only transport where animals are allowed. You should know that at the Terminal, the bus does not leave until it is full. Also just a simple sign of the land is enough to stop it. Usually, the traveler prefers the shuttle bus than bemo.