What Are the Differences Between Villas, Townhouses and Apartments?

In Bali Home Immo we propose 3 types of properties, here is an explanation of the differences between them.


Villas are freestanding and independent with a large landscaped garden and plenty of distance from the nearest neighbor. Compounds of complete amenities where you can enjoy the amenities privately and most of the time they offer a view like rice fields, ocean, beach, pool, garden.

5 Bedroom Villa For Sale Leasehold in Umalas – PP023


Townhouses are usually built in a complex, which means that they are much more affordable than villas because they are in the city, and they don’t require expensive services such as garden or pool maintenance, constructed as a two- or three-story unit with a common wall or walls bordering the adjacent unit.

2 Bedroom Townhouse For Yearly Rental in North Canggu – BHI988

3 Bedroom Townhouse For Sale Leasehold in Berawa – BHI939


Apartments or flat (UK) are a set of rooms for living, in that are part of a larger building and are usually all on one floor. Logically much more affordable than the two previous types of properties, perfect for young student’s travelers or people traveling for business who do not need large spaces, you can also find luxury apartments that are actually expensive according to the fact that you cannot find a lot in Bali.

2 Bedroom Apartment For Sale Leasehold Near Berawa Beach – BHI1013


1 Bedroom Apartment For Sale Leasehold in Seminyak – BHI753E