Why you should visit Bali ?

Why you should visit Bali ? Probably you’ve heard so much about Bali, many people spend their holidays in this amazing Indonesian island. For some, Bali has only beaches, bars and parties, but there are many things to discover in the island of Gods.

List of few things that visitors will appreciate :

Beaches : The island provides a rich assortment of beaches, from white or grey sand coasts on the south of Bali such as Kuta, Sanur or Nusa Dua, to the cliff “hidden’ shores of Uluwatu or Padang-Padang in the south coast. Bali beaches also comprise striking black sands on the north and western sides, with coves

Diversity of nature : Bali is colorful of natural beauty, highland panoramas, a collection of waterfalls and lakes, differents green paddies, and magical sunsets and sunrises

Mystical Temples : Bali is the place for countless temples complexes, spread throughout the island from the highland peaks, down to the limestone cliffs and low-lying seashores.

The food : Some of the world’s and Indonesia’s best restaurants are in Bali. Balinese and Indonesian food is unique and delicious. Bali it’s the place for cafes, warungs (locals restaurants), organic foods, and seafood dinners on the beach, and many others.

Health retreats and spa’s : You can find world class health retreats, with some yoga options and spa’s that might suit everyone with different budget.

Balinese hospitality : Balinese People are the friendly and warm people who are living in their daily social lifestyle. People in Southeast Asia are very friendly, shy and non-confrontational in general, but Indonesians are on a whole new level. Maybe Indonesians are so friendly because of different cultures and religions. These people are very tolerant of differences.

And of course , Bali is the island where it’s sunny all the year, thanks to his tropical climate !