10 Best Regions to Invest in Bali Property


Best area to invest in Bali - Top 10 areas to invest in Bali, Indonesia - Where to buy and invest in land or villa in Bali? 


While it’s easy to recommend buying properties that are close to the beach, we think it’s better for you to understand what to expect from investing in Bali’s touristic regions so you can choose which one is best suited to your investment objectives.

Studying the property market of each location requires a lot of time and effort, and we’re here to save you from all that hard work by providing a starter’s guide on some of the best locations in Bali for property investment. Here’s a brief overview on which regions you should look in when browsing properties for sale in Bali, arranged in no particular order:

Why invest in Canggu?

Named as the 4th best place to live and invest overseas by Forbes, this trendy holiday destination is favored by tourists and expats alike for many good reasons. Among which is its capability to accommodate various lifestyles, from laid back yogis and hipsters to digital nomads, families, expatriate and foreign investors, as well as the abundant availability of villas for sale in Bali.

Development is occurring at a rapid pace, especially in Berawa and Batu Bolong where large constructions and new establishments appear every now and then. Property for sale in Canggu is selling fast because there are ample opportunities available and property prices are on the rise, so it’s best to invest there as early as possible. Echo Beach also has villa offers within walking distance from it's beach, both leasehold and freehold, for sale in Canggu.

Why invest in Pererenan?

Just a bit further north from Echo Beach, peaceful Pererenan is an excellent alternative if you don’t like the hustle and bustle of its neighbor. Pererenan is not as developed as Canggu yet but new restaurants and cafes are popping up, so it’s safe to say that the region will catch up sooner than expected.

Villas are the mainstay in Pererenan, with only a few hotels and resorts available as of today. There are still many vacant rice fields available along the main road to the eponymous beach and surf spot, hence you have a wide selection of land for your investment or to start building your own business. As of today, villas for sale in Pererenan are still cheaper than villas for sale in Seminyak or Berawa and it's one of the best places to find Bali villa for sale cheap.

Why invest in Seminyak?

Be prepared to dig deep into your pocket, as properties for sale in Seminyak are among the most expensive in the island. The resort town is lively during the day and night thanks to hordes of vacationers, but fortunately most of the villas leasehold and freehold in Seminyak are built on small streets and gangs where the noise levels are reasonably low.

Nearly all the rice fields have been replaced by luxury resorts and villa complexes, with only a few plots left that are still unoccupied in Batu Belig and Petitenget. Oberoi and the beachside are already saturated, hence it’s nearly impossible to find a land for sale and a vacant lot in those areas. Bali's commercial real estate is also centered in Seminyak

Why invest in Umalas?

A favorite among expats due to its strategic location and less hectic atmosphere, Umalas is a great alternative to both Seminyak and Canggu since it is practically sandwiched between the two. Umalas is a prime location to invest in rice field view villas, as availability of land with great views is still abundant and the region is a popular choice for holiday villa rentals and family residences.

The ambience is quieter than its neighbors because Umalas is not a holiday destination and only select establishments, like Nook, attract large crowds. Travelling from Umalas is very convenient as Petitenget and Berawa can be reached quickly via small roads. Umalas tend to be the first option for foreigners looking at houses for rent in Bali.

Why invest in Kerobokan?

Kerobokan offers a more down to earth experience in comparison to other regions on this list, and that’s not a bad thing. Kerobokan is the place to buy villa in Bali if you wish to invest a bit further away from Umalas yet still very close to all the action, as the location provides easy access to Canggu, Seminyak, and Denpasar.

Property prices tend to be lower than in Canggu, and there’s a good selection of vacant lots and existing villas available in the area. Certain parts of Kerobokan are still dominated by rice fields and securing these opportunities will certainly be worth your while as rice field view businesses are still in demand.

Why invest in Seseh?

Quiet and largely untouched, Seseh is a stark contrast to Canggu even though it’s only minutes away from there. Seseh is a strong contender for early bird investing, as it is currently occupied by vast rice fields that extend beyond what the eye can see. Villas are the only lodging available in the area for now, concentrating on the beach side while the streets are still free of restaurants and cafes unlike in more developed areas.

The beachfront is also largely unoccupied at the moment, hence Seseh is an amazing location to buy land in Bali as there's plenty of investment opportunities while the others are still looking at villas for sale in Canggu.

Why invest in Sanur?

The oldest resort town in Bali offers great convenience and facilities, two key factors that makes Sanur the preferred choice of mature audiences. Sanur is perfect if you prefer its slower ambience and vicinity to Denpasar’s city center than other regions on this list, though there isn’t much room for opportunities here as the area is already well developed.

Sanur is a great place to find houses for sale in Bali, because it's a convenient location packed with facilities. On the other hand, renting out a villa in Sanur can be a lucrative venture as there aren’t too many of them just yet while tourists and expats are demanding for more. Bali villa rental in Sanur has fared very well in the last few years, showing positive growth in demand and revenue for the great majority.

Why invest in Ubud?

Contrary to its common depiction as a laid back village, Ubud is now a well developed region packed with a varied assortment of restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, and yoga centers. Just like Canggu in the southwest, Ubud can cater a diverse range of lifestyles but lately it is mainly popular with yoga enthusiasts, vegans, and digital nomads.

This diversity provides a lot of investment opportunities in Ubud, but competition is quite fierce especially in the town center. Ubud villas, in particular, are popular with both foreign and domestic tourists on Bali holiday. Villages in Ubud’s outskirts are picking up the pace in terms of development, so you might want to invest in Tegallalang or other nearby areas while it’s still early.

Why invest in Bukit Peninsula?

This formerly barren surfer’s paradise is also developing at a speedy rate, boosted by the presence of high end establishments that attract large crowds of vacationers into its limestone cliffs. Five star resorts, luxury villas, and lavish nightclubs are filling up the cliff sides, with many more coming in the next few years. VIllas for sale in South Bali are typically located in this region rather than Nusa Dua, usually in the form of private villas with ocean views.

Investing in Bukit Peninsula should be done early while the property prices are still reasonable and there’s still a good selection of land with breathtaking views in Uluwatu, Ungasan, and Balangan. The quality and availability of essential facilities are increasing as well, so living convenience won’t be an issue in the long run.

Why invest in Nusa Islands?

The island trio is similar to the Gili Islands of Lombok, being a vacation destination off the shores of the mainland. Nusa Lembongan and Ceningan have been serving adventurers and travelers with spectacular hidden beaches for many years, but only recently have they added beach clubs and hotels into their offer.

Nusa Penida is quickly catching up with its two smaller siblings, experiencing a great leap in the number of short term rentals within the last 3 years alone. Nusa Penida is often overlooked by foreigners looking for land leasehold in Bali, but its significant size advantage over Lembongan and Ceningan will certainly come in handy for long term investments as development progresses even further.

Each of those regions comes with distinctive characteristics that are advantageous for investment, and some of them are among the best locations to buy property in Bali right now. Please note that villa freehold in Bali still cannot be owned by foreigners, so you might want to look for villa leasehold in Bali with long term lease agreements instead.

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