Courtesy of the border closure not showing any signs of ending, off-plan villas offered by Bali’s real estate market are more appealing for your money than the typical ready-to-live-in villas. Purchasing an off-plan villa is a great option to build up your portfolio, on account of the benefits and flexibilities that you won’t get from buying an already existing one. Among which is the ability to settle payments in installments instead of paying all upfront which you might find more favorable than the latter considering the current situation. We have compiled 7 compelling reasons why you should invest in Bali’s Off-plan villas instead of buying finished villas:

1. Waiting period

Villa revenue mostly comes from foreign travelers vacationing or settling down on the island. Buying or owning a finished villa right now means that revenue will be very low while still incurring maintenance expenses, and it will stay that way until the border reopens. Since there is no reliable information on when will the international travel ban be lifted, there is no need to rush anything if you purchase an off-plan villa. Constructions generally take 10 to 14 months to finish, so you have plenty of time to concentrate on other things until your investment is ready and the border is open.

2. Lower price

Off-plan villas are almost always cheaper than a finished one with comparable value, sometimes by a significant margin. Newly developed villas are often built with an emphasis on efficiency due to environmental concerns. In addition, buying off-plan means that you will spend less on maintaining the property for a good few years. Together with the next item on this list, it’s no surprise that off-plan villas offer better value for your money.

3. Payment plan

If you choose to buy a finished leasehold and freehold villa, you will often be faced with the problem of settling all payments upfront. Applying for House Ownership Credit (KPR) during these difficult financial times will prove to be challenging, but opting to purchase an off-plan villa comes with the benefit of a payment plan that most of the time goes along with the construction progress. The flexibility of the plan offered by each developer may vary, but you will feel more secure with the possibility of paying in installments rather than one large sum at once.

4. Customization

An existing villa usually comes furnished with permanent fixtures and fittings, which means that it would be very difficult—if not impossible—when you want to change things without a major rework and a lot more money. Again, depending on the developer, you will often have the flexibility of modifying certain parts of an off-plan villa to suit your particular needs. This flexibility is made possible by the fact that the property is not finished yet, and alterations can still be made so long as your developer allows you to.

5. Fresh design

Bali is not the same as it was 15 years ago, and so are the needs and expectations of customers. Off-plan villas are almost always planned to keep up with the latest market demands, featuring the exact design elements and facilities that you’re looking for. You will likely find that an off-plan villa is better suited to your needs, featuring enclosed spaces, contemporary styling, and modern conveniences. Off-plan villas are usually built with higher quality materials and components that were not readily available years ago, another benefit that we will talk about next.

6. Build quality

It is only fitting for a new property to be built with the latest and finest materials that can be found today. The quality and diversity of materials that are used in new projects have significantly improved thanks to advancements in commerce, which allows off-plan villas to feature elements that are hard to find in properties that were constructed years earlier. Wood flooring for example—which was considered exotic years ago—has now become the minimum standard, so you can expect to find off-plan villas with much higher specifications compared to finished villas.

7. Better workmanship

Nowadays, Indonesia’s standards in construction have increased significantly. Government-mandated regulations that are currently in effect strictly controls the qualification of professionals that can work on certain types of projects, which extends beyond experience alone. Inexperienced developers simply don’t stand a chance against the requirements, so you can rest assured that your investment will be developed by qualified and certified experts.

Aside from all those benefits that you’ve read, the best part of owning an off-plan villa is the fact that no one has ever lived in it yet! So if you’re buying one for a personal residence or just for investment, you will be delighted to know that you’re the very first person to enjoy it and it presents a unique value.

If you’re looking to peruse or make a purchase, feel free to browse our listing of off-plan villas in Umalas, Pererenan, Berawa, Canggu, or other parts of Bali that are available to buy right now. Or if you’re interested in something else, you can check out our catalog of villas, lands, and other properties in Bali that are up for sale or rental. Whether you wish to consult, buy or rent properties, or start developing your very own project, Bali Home Immo provides a wide range of services that can help you make the right decision for your investment and you can talk to us here.