Best Activities to Do with Mom on Mother’s Day

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May 14 is recognized as International Mother’s Day, a special day dedicated to honoring all mothers. Here are some fun indoor and outdoor activities suggestions you can do with your mom to make her day delightful.


Indoor Activities


1. Surprise Mom with a Heartfelt Gift!


Mother's Day is the perfect occasion to show your mom just how much you love and appreciate her.  A sweet gesture like a delicious cake or a beautiful bouquet can brighten her day.


2. Plan a Secret Surprise


To make the gift even more special, consider finding out her favorite kind of cake or flowers beforehand. You can casually ask her about it or keep an eye out for her preferences.  Then, surprise her with her favorites on Mother's Day,  along with a heartfelt note expressing your love and gratitude.


3. Assist with Household Chores


Cleaning up the house is a tiring activity to do. Though this is not an exclusively Mother’s Day activity, you can lend your hands with household chores. By doing chores together, you can help her out and reduce her responsibility in terms of cleaning the house. In addition to that, your house will be clean in a short time and your mom will be happy.


4. Cooking Together 


Aside from helping her with the chores, you can also help your mom cook while spending time together with her in the kitchen. You can try to ask her to teach you about her family recipe or try out a new recipe that you found on the internet.



Outdoor Activities


5. Treat Mom to a Spa Day!


Going to the spa with your mom for Mother's Day is a wonderful way to celebrate. It's a chance to relax together, unwind with a massage, and enjoy some quality bonding time.

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6. Dine at her Favorite Restaurant


Everyone loves a small surprise that reminds them that they matter. Surprising your mom with a special Mother’s Day dinner reserved at her favorite restaurant and ordering her favorite menu can be one of the best ways to celebrate Mother’s Day.

Recommendation: Mana Restaurant, Kong Canggu, Milk and Madu


7. Shopping 


Shopping is a fun activity to do together, but consider offering both options! Let your mom choose between a shopping spree or a pampering experience like a manicure or hairstyling session.

Recommendation: Sejauh Mata Memandang, SukkhaCitta, and Niluh Djelantik


8. Craft a Heartfelt Gift


Show mom your love with a handmade gift.  Whether it's a painting, a poem, or a personalized card, a heartfelt creation speaks volumes and shows you put extra thought and effort into celebrating her.

Every mother is unique so, tailor your way of celebration to her preferences and interests. Whether it’s simple gestures or big gestures, the point of celebrating Mother’s Day is to express gratitude to the mother and make her feel special and loved on her special day.


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Best Activities to Do with Mom on Mother’s Day

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