How the Mediterranean Style Find Its Trend in Bali Villas


Why is Mediterranean Design getting popular on the island?

Stucco white finish, warm neutral colors, and a serene coastal breeze, the Mediterranean style has been one of the most sought after designs by Bali villa owners in the last 2 years. What made the once popular design of the early 20th century emerge in the Island of the Gods?


What is the Mediterranean design?


The mediterranean architecture incorporates the living space with the local environment down to the materials. Mediterranean houses are also usually made of limestone in order to withstand the strong wind from the sea and are also commonly used for their antibacterial properties, which is why most houses in the coastal Mediterranean are white in color with different varieties in detail.


The world-famous tourist destination of Santorini in Greece presents a stark contrast between the clean white colored houses and the earthen cliff, while the vibrant blue finally completes this feast of the eyes. Other famously known blue-on-white wonders can also be found in Sidi Bou Said, Tunisia, though such designs are also sometimes present throughout the Mediterranean coastal areas.



Vibrant blue accent on the clean white finish of the Mediterranean buildings in Santorini, Greece.

Photo by Yang Yang


In Italy, the details for a Mediterranean home come with a stucco or natural stone exterior and a warm neutral color like earthen brown or green olive interior with a relatively cosy and smaller size building. While in Spain, on the other hand, likes to adorn their homes with terracotta tiles and higher ceilings.



One of the Mediterranean house varieties in Spain with natural stones exterior.

Photo by Alejandra Gonzalez


The Mediterranean style that is widely adopted today was popularized by the U.S. and is frequently found in warm and dry coasts like California and Florida which were once occupied by the Spanish. Starting in the 1920s, wealthy homeowners were into the seaside resort for leisure and thus resulting in a boom for the Mediterranean trend at the time. Over time the design evolved into a simpler yet refined form that is commonly seen today.



A Mediterranean house with Spanish architectural influence in California.

Photo by Durian Bullet


What makes up a Mediterranean design?


The Mediterranean design is largely associated with warm climates. Even though there is a rich variety of Mediterranean styles, there are several key features that you can take as inspiration for a Mediterranean house. Here are several key takeaways from a Mediterranean house:


  1. Integrated indoor-outdoor areas. In a Mediterranean home, you will want a seamless connection between the indoors and outdoors of your house to naturally blend with its surroundings.



The wide glass door can make a seamless connection between the house’s exterior and interior.

Photo by Bali Home Immo


  1. White and warm neutral palette combined with a touch of earthy colors that reflect the natural environment as an accent.



The warm earth furnishes on the white finish will create a softer ambience.

Photo by Bali Home Immo


  1. Emphasizing natural lighting and view of the outdoors. This will create a more roomy feeling and better air ventilation for a coastal breeze atmosphere.



A bright open space and large glass windows are one of the ways to flood the room with natural light.

Photo by Bali Home Immo


  1. Heavy use of wood and stone in the materials as well as furniture and decoration.



This villa is utilizing natural stones, woods, and thatch to create a stronger coastal atmosphere.

Photo by Bali Home Immo


Why is Mediterranean Style Getting Popular in Bali?


You can name tons of natural wonders in Bali; from the all-day natural sunlight to the breezy wind and desirable waves of various beaches, you will not get enough of it. Not to mention the wide terraced rice field as well as rivers that flow through the lush jungle. With its rich environment, various architectural designs built in Bali will find a suitable setting including the Mediterranean.


Bali’s warm climate and tropical environment make it a unique yet most suitable combination for a Mediterranean villa. The clean white finish and earth colors stand out among the greens of Balinese rice fields. While hilltop areas such as Uluwatu and coastal towns like Canggu give it a breath of fresh air reminiscent of a proper Mediterranean city.


This Bali villa in Canggu, for example, used natural limestones in various parts of the property while the teak wood on the frames, railings, and furniture enhances the overall white finish creating a comfy atmosphere while the thatch for the awnings strengthens the tropical vibes throughout the villa.



The Mediterranean style with a thatch roof on the poolside gazebo creates a tropical atmosphere

Photo by Bali Home Immo


A seamless harmony of Mediterranean style with its Balinese surroundings is present in this Canggu villa. With soft white beige and teak hues, the interior welcomes a warm atmosphere and the huge open-plan living flowing through the arched steel-framed glass door into the green manicured yard and lush surroundings.



The wide arched glass doors provide a seamless indoor-outdoor experience.

Photo from Bali Home Immo


The Mediterranean design finds its finesse even when faced with limited space. This villa in Pererenan doesn’t lose its spacious feelings courtesy of the wide glass doors and skylights while the Buddhist ornaments enhance the Zen and tranquil atmosphere.



The warm furniture on the white finish creates an elegant feeling in the room.

Photo from Bali Home Immo


With its natural warmth and long sun exposure, the Mediterranean design finds its home in Bali. Coupled with the rich natural materials and environments, making the Mediterranean design is even more versatile and can conform to many personalities.

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