The Borders Are Reopening, Foreigners Can Now Fly to Indonesia


Indonesian airports are open for foreign flights. When will Bali be open for international travel?

JakartaGlobe reported that Minister Yasonna Laoly issued a new ministerial regulation which invalidates the previous law that completely banned non-essential visits to Indonesia. According to a separate report by, international flights into Indonesia are now possible but only available at Soekarno-Hatta Airport in Jakarta and Sam Ratulangi Airport in Manado, which is done to facilitate the surveillance of incoming travelers. In their interview, Minister Luhut said that the government is considering Bali as another point of entry and will determine its readiness next week or the week after that.

Press release from the Immigration Office reveals that foreigners who hold valid visit visas and temporary stay visas can now enter Indonesia. Travelers are required to present their vaccination certificate and valid negative PCR test result upon arrival. After that, travelers must be quarantined for 8 days and undergo PCR testing during quarantine before eligible to receive a COVID-free statement letter. All quarantine expenses are paid by the traveler.

Visa application is open and foreigners can apply online

The cost of visa application with an agent ranges between USD 350 to 500 depending on the services provided. Please contact us for more information on this.

The following are additional requirements that visa applicants must meet:

  1. COVID-19 vaccination verification applicationWhich can be done here.
  2. Flight itinerary
  3. A statement letterStating compliance with Indonesian health protocols.
  4. Health insurance and/or travel insurance: If the applicant does not have insurance, they must submit a statement saying all COVID-19 medical expenses while in Indonesia will be covered by the applicant.

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