Drugs in Bali

Drugs in Bali, Indonesia has one of the most strict drug laws in the world: zero tolerance!Dozens of convicted person are sentenced to death for drug trafficking, among them the French Serge Atlaoui, are on death row.
This policy of zero tolerance of drug trafficking is found globally in many countries of Southeast Asia.
This sad fact is explained by a strategic geographical position, in particular regarding the major maritime links and tourism.
Indonesia is a hub of international trafficking in narcotic drugs like heroin.
According to studies, there are over 4.5 million people in Indonesia who consume drugs and 1.2 million are addicts.
That is why the current Indonesian President Joko Widodo has based his whole policy on this angle and considers that the fight against drugs is a paramount issue and a national emergency.
In this way, in Indonesia, like most of its neighbors (Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam), capital punishment for drug offenses is used, either for drug trafficking or possession of minute quantities of narcotic drugs.
While according to international law, the death penalty should only apply to blood crimes such as murders or assassinations, the convicted to death has continued to multiply rapidly in Indonesia.