Were you living the right way before the pandemic?

The pandemic has certainly changed our life like no others these past months. Like most people, it shouldn’t have taken you long to realize how several aspects of your life may have been left out while being quarantined.

The way you see things could today have been transformed and adjusting your lifestyle habits made you realize how important these several aspects are.

Here are 6 lifestyle habits that might be worth keeping even after the pandemic. 


1. Eating out less


Due to the closure of many restaurants and coffee shops with COVID-19, you may have been forced to eat meals and drink coffee at home. Eating out is a common value in Bali, and while the cost of a local warung won’t exceed the one of a trendy restaurant or an international coffee house, it is safe to say that the bill can quickly add up and become a serious monthly budget. 

Within a few weeks of quarantine, many have noticed that bills were drastically reduced and enjoying cups of coffee and salads from home certainly gave them a different taste. 

While eating out can’t be sacrificed, buying your own groceries and preparing food by yourself could save you a considerable amount of savings.

2. Eat healthier & working-out

You may have been required to go to the market and prepare your own meals during quarantine, saving you money, learning new recipes and overall maybe eating better. Out of the temptation of large portions of meals from restaurants or other fast food, you may have felt more energetic and even dropped a few pounds. 

Moreover, with added time to your schedule, it may have become easier for you to add in-home exercising to your routine. In fact, some may feel more fit & healthy than they used to be as this is how most bodies are set up : people who exercise would typically start eating better and become more productive, ditching cigarettes and alcohol, showing more patience and less stress.  


3. Spending more time with people you love


Quarantine may have brought joy in hearts by allowing spending more time with families and close friends. We tend to forget how important one is to us, and this crisis has for sure made us closer to each other. Many pre-quarantine schedules didn’t necessarily provide this extra-time needed with loved ones and thus were only dedicated to weekends. 

Through phone, videoconferences, or simply by being locked down together, people had the pleasure to spend quality time together and create new memories.

Sure thing is that quarantine forced many to slow down. It isn’t easy to do these days, but having laughters, reflective time with families and friends is something one should never forget.


4. Being more careful to your budget


The Pandemic impacted greatly the economy for everyone, and as a result pushed many to slow down on spendings. Regular monitoring of finances has shown to be a great way to improve awareness and spending habits. 

Maybe you’ve become aware of all the memberships you never used, or how you spent way too much on certain things like nights out, regular massages or other services.

These added savings will help you get to your financial goals faster.


5. Doing more online


This pandemic has taught us that being productive is possible remotely. While many companies have adopted this vision forever. 

Online shopping has encountered a clear increase with the pandemic, and many of you have realized that time can be saved when things are done online. 

Real estate agencies like Bali Home Immo offers virtual tours that can save a lot of energy and limit scheduled appointments. 

Phone calls, texting and virtual showings gave people a much more comfortable feeling with connecting online during the quarantine.


6. Enjoying the outdoors


Being outside has for sure positive effects on the mood, especially when you live on a splendid island like Bali. During stricts lockdowns, some may have missed the benefits of being outdoors and enjoying the sun. Being out is shown to improve memory, reduce depression, and lower blood pressure, whereas sunlight might slow down the risk of contracting the virus.

Just remember to wear sunscreen!

If the pandemic has very negative impacts worldwide, there will for sure be positive incomes, such as for example these many habits you adopted while being locked up. Several habits you may have picked could serve you well in the long run, and your comfort zone may have been pushed back during this hard time. Now the question is, will it change you forever?