Bali Takes the Lead as Top Destination for Indian Travellers


According to the Luxury Escapes 2023 Survey


A recent survey conducted by Luxury Escapes in January 2023 shows that Bali has surpassed Maldives as the most popular destination for travellers from the Indian region. Luxury Escapes is a renowned provider of luxury travel experiences, catering to the most discerning travellers seeking unforgettable and unique experiences in luxurious destinations around the world.


The survey, which gathered responses from over 1,400 Luxury Escapes members, indicates that Indian travellers are increasingly interested in hassle-free, all-inclusive packages that offer personalized services, intimate settings, and authentic experiences. Additionally, 46% of respondents preferred small boutique resorts, indicating a preference for exclusivity and luxury.


luxury travel in Bali

Travellers start to shift their preferences to luxury and personalised service during their trips.

Photo from Unsplash


As the world begins to recover from the pandemic, travellers are showing a growing interest in luxury travel. A survey conducted in November 2022 by Luxury Escapes of over 4,000 Australian travellers revealed that room upgrades, bucket list experiences, fine dining, and spa treatments are high on the list for those seeking indulgence while on holiday in 2023.


Luxury Escapes CEO and co-founder Adam Schwab stated, "For the overwhelming majority of Australians, travel is top of the spend list in 2023." This sentiment is echoed by travellers worldwide, with many eager to prioritize luxury and exclusivity in their travel plans and create unforgettable experiences.


The increasing preference for luxury travel presents an opportunity for Bali's tourism industry. Bali, which previously held fourth place in 2022, has now climbed up to the second spot and is recognized as the second most popular destination in the world according to Trip Advisor. Therefore, Bali should capitalize on this trend by offering specialized services that cater to tourists' luxury preferences.


luxury Bali villa

Villa owners in Bali should accommodate the growing trends toward luxury travel.

Photo from Bali Home Immo


Overall, the survey indicates Bali’s popularity is still rising in 2023. The preference for all-inclusive packages, personalized service, and small boutique resorts further highlights the growing interest in exclusivity and luxury travel. This means an opportunity for rental accommodation owners in Bali to provide a more personalised service experience for their customers and adapt to market changes. 

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