Schools in Canggu


Enrolling the kids in an international school in Bali exposes their young minds to diversity and high standards of learning. From the get-go, students of international schools learn how to adapt well and engage with school mates, and learn foreign languages without losing their own ability to speak their mother tongue. Because many international schools have earned the reputation of providing the highest quality in education.

  • Canggu Community School
    Canggu has become an expat hub, and Canggu Community School is often the first choice for families in this area. It’s a vibrant world class international school in Bali; they offer their education to the age groups from Preschool to Year 13. The academic program is based on the National Curriculum of England and Wales with some adaptations.

  • Australian International School
    AIS runs on a fully accredited Australian system so it’s the obvious choice for Aussie expats who will eventually return back home and want their kids back in the system without any fuss. This school offers an integrated Australian curriculum from Preschool to Year 12, providing international education to all nationalities in the island. 

  • Lycée français de Bali
    LFB is a French international school in Kerobokan taking kids all the way from preschool through senior high school. The school opened in 1991 and is accredited by the French Board of Education and by the State of Indonesia. There are now almost 350 students in the school.