Measuring the Impact of Airport Reopening on Bali Villa Rentals


Reopening International Travel Boosted Bali’s Villa Rental Market


Ever since Bali reopened its doors to foreign travelers, the hospitality sector experienced a surge of bookings which significantly affected villa rentals as well. In case you missed it, the airport is now open to international flights and fully vaccinated travelers can come to Bali without quarantine. Relaxed travel restrictions including the reinstatement of Visa on Arrival attracted travelers from all around the world to visit Bali again after more than two years, contributing to the recovery of its vacation rental market which is now making a comeback to a trend that was last seen before COVID lockdowns took place. 

We are excited to share the positive development that occurred in the last few months that signifies the return of Bali villa rentals into its former glory.


International tourist arrivals spiked since Bali’s reopening 


According to the report published by Statistics of Bali Province (BPS), the number of foreign travelers that arrived in March 2022 via air travel was 14.617 visitors, which is 11 times more than in February when travel restrictions began to ease. This number grew exponentially again in April, reaching 58.315 visitors in just one month. The official figures for May and the subsequent months weren’t released yet at the time of this writing, but it’s apparent that Bali is welcoming more and more visitors considering the recent development in the vacation home rental market which we’ll discuss below.


Digital nomads will be able to work from Bali for 5 years using a special visa

Photo by Peter Olexa

In addition, the government has announced the plan to issue a special visa for digital nomads soon. This visa will be a huge advantage for remote workers in Bali because it has a 5-year validity and the visa holder’s foreign-sourced income won’t be taxed. The plan was meant to be launched back in 2021 but had to be put on hold due to worldwide travel restrictions, and now is just the right time to put it back in motion again. 

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Villa rental revenue & occupancy rate increases significantly


The average monthly revenue of vacation home rentals continues to increase every month since Bali reopened, yielding double the amount generated in February within 3 months. Occupancy rate experienced a steady increase as well, with an average of over 60% from February to April and reached 80% in May. Villas in the 75th percentile performed remarkably better, yielding almost triple the revenue in February alone while the occupancy rate remained steady at over 90% from February to May.



Monthly revenue & occupancy rate of vacation home rentals in February - May 2022

Source: AirDNA

The opening brought back the trend that was last seen in 2019, when the vacation rental market enjoys good returns and continues to grow each year. Despite still in the early phase, the data proves that Bali’s short term rental industry can rebound quickly provided that the number of international visitors continues to skyrocket. In Bali Home immo, we also noticed that many villas for long term rental that were frequently available are now difficult to book due to overwhelming demand, which is a good indicator of increasing occupancy rate not only in short term rental but also in yearly and monthly rental villas.

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Market trend is shifting to pre-COVID statistics


After a long hiatus, the trend has shifted to pre-COVID times in such a short time span. Market revenue in May 2022 nearly matches the historical data of December 2019 and January 2020, yielding almost 120 billion IDR in just 3 months. Before COVID, the market was at an all time high with demand and revenue constantly increasing over the years. This development might mark the return of Bali’s lucrative vacation rental industry, presenting a golden opportunity for real estate investors to welcome a new wave of travelers eager to spend their holidays or settle on the island.


Villa rentals in Bali are thriving since the border reopened

Photo by Bali Home Immo

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