Tips on Finding Villas with the Best View in Bali


When people go to Bali, they expect to see serene beaches, tranquil rice fields, and tropical jungles. A holiday in Bali is not complete without waking up to a scenic view, and this in turn makes view essential to have in a vacation home because prospective guests would almost always pick the ones with a view. In a homeowner’s perspective, a view is not simply a sight to behold but also an important feature that can boost the appeal of a villa.

While the island is better known for its bustling southern regions such as Kuta or Seminyak, Bali actually offers many other places with unrivaled views and a much quieter environment including Candidasa, Amed, and Lovina. Villas for sale in East and North Bali are more affordable than in the south and they are very popular among niche travelers. The neighboring Lombok is also an excellent location for villas with a view, especially in areas around the new MotoGP circuit where the demand for Lombok villa rentals is increasing.

Bali villas with a view are widely sought after for more than just the aesthetics, and you can make the most out of a villa investment by taking advantage of the stunning sceneries that the island has to offer.

What is the importance of having a villa with a view?


If you Google the best Airbnb villas in Bali, the result will certainly show villas with a view of a rice field, jungle, or the sea. The ever-increasing demand for Bali vacation rentals creates a stiff competition, and having a unique view is a major asset for villas in saturated areas because it helps them to stand out against other villas. View is a strong selling point and highly affects a guest’s booking decision, especially if the villa’s location is not premium.

Having a view is still important even if you’re buying a villa for private residence, because experiencing the best scenery in Bali is a luxury that not everyone can afford. A villa with a view is not only pleasant to live in but also advantageous for business, and you will find it easier to get a tenant should you ever need to rent out in the future.


Rice Field View Villa for Sale Leasehold in Berawa, Canggu

It’s worth noting that you may lose that view over time especially if your villa is in a rapidly developing area, but there are some things that you can do to prevent this which we’ll talk about more below.

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Where is the best place to stay in Bali for the view?


It depends on what kind of view that you want to see everyday because each area offers distinct views. It’s increasingly harder to find a villa with a view in coastal regions such as Canggu or Pererenan due to mass development, so it’s best to look a bit further west such as in Seseh or Cemagi for more offers. Villas for sale in Canggu are ideal for investment as the demand for short-term accommodations is very high, and having a villa next to a rice field is a substantial advantage in such a competitive market.

Bukit Peninsula is unique as it is the only region where you can find luxury hilltop villas overlooking the sea. Villas for sale in Uluwatu and Ungasan are generally cheaper than in Seminyak or Canggu, and there’s still plenty of vacant land for development in the area if you want to buy land and build your own villa instead. In addition, the demand for villas with 5 or more bedrooms in these areas is high so it’s an ideal location to invest in large villas for vacation rental.


Ocean View Hilltop Villa for Sale in Ungasan, Bukit Peninsula

As previously stated, the view can make villas in less strategic locations more appealing to potential guests. For instance, river view villas are usually found in quieter areas such as North Canggu and Tanah Lot but they are widely sought after nonetheless. Jungle view villas hidden deep in Ubud and Tegallalang are popular for honeymoons and group retreats even though they are harder to reach because the view itself is worth the trip.

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Is there a way to preserve the view of a villa?


Developments or natural occurrences may cause the loss of a view, and rice field view villas in particular are very prone to losing their view to construction. One viable option to prevent this is to buy the rice field next to the villa to ensure that no one else builds on it, or you can also take advantage of zoning restrictions by building or buying a villa overlooking a green zone which will guarantee the view as long as the zoning doesn’t change. Choosing a less crowded area also reduces this risk, and there are several neighborhoods in Canggu that are suitable for this option such as Kayu Tulang, Padonan and Babakan.


Jungle & Rice Field View Villa for Sale Leasehold in Ubud

Hilltop and jungle view villas situated on sloping land are a safe bet because the rugged landscape makes it difficult (and expensive) to build on, thus it’s unlikely to have another property blocking your view. Riverside villas also won’t lose their view because rivers are not affected by development or land zoning, but they can be a bit secluded.

If you’re looking for a villa with a view in Bali, we have prepared for you a selection of all our properties with a view here. Looking to buy or lease a villa with a view in Bali? Contact us so we can help find villa for sale and/or long-term rental that perfectly suits you. 

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