Top Locations for Ocean View Villas other than Seminyak


Enjoying Bali’s iconic view of the sun and the sea from the comfort of one’s own villa is tropical living at its finest. While it’s easy to find a luxury suite with sea view in one of Seminyak’s beachfront resorts, some might find the scenery not as perfect as imagined with all the umbrellas and beach goers in it. 

Those who wish to experience a picture-perfect sea view will most certainly go for ocean view villas or beach villas, and we’re here to point you towards the best locations for it.

Where is the best place to find ocean view villas in Bali?


Bukit Peninsula is arguably the best location to find a villa with ocean view in Bali because it offers excellent value for investment. It is a rapidly developing region with easy access from/to the airport, wide roads, as well as a large selection of cheap villas and land for sale within close proximity to crystal clear beaches, luxury resorts, hip beach clubs, and more. Bingin and Uluwatu are the most prime neighborhoods in the area to buy or build ocean view villas where the cliff sides are not obstructed by resort buildings unlike in Ungasan, though you can find vacant land overlooking the sea on the hills as well.


Cliff Front Ocean View Villa for Sale in Uluwatu

If you want to build a villa with sea view but prefer somewhere far from the hustle and bustle of South Bali, you can go for the hills of Lovina in the north where land price is much cheaper and the demand for villas with ocean and sunrise/sunset view is on the rise. Amed is also a good alternative because the sloping terrain allows you to get a nice view of the sea and sunrise from a high ground quite easily, and it’s a popular diving destination with fairly high demand for vacation rentals.

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Where is the best place to find beachfront villas in Bali?


While the beaches of Kuta, Seminyak, and Canggu are very popular, most of the beachfront is occupied by hotels, beach clubs, and restaurants which makes it nearly impossible to find a beachfront villa or land for sale. If you manage to find coastal land for sale there, the price would be incredibly expensive and you’re better off looking further to the west where there’s still beachfront property for sale. At the time of this writing, even the coasts of pristine areas west of Pererenan including Seseh, Cemagi, and Mengening beach are already occupied by beachfront residences.


Ocean View Villa for Sale near Seseh Beach

If you’re looking to buy beachfront land in Bali, it’s best to look in undeveloped areas such as Kedungu, Balian, Keramas, or Candidasa instead of the built-up south where the land price hasn’t peaked yet. Bali beachfront villas are seldom offered for sale because they are highly profitable for a daily rental business, hence why it’s easier to invest and develop your own villa than finding one up for sale.

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Is there an alternative to Bali for villas with ocean view?


The neighboring Lombok is the perfect alternative not only for the sea view but also from an investment standpoint. Lombok offers a peaceful and authentic experience reminiscent of how Bali was 20 years ago, and it is considered one of the five most attractive emerging investment locations in Asia. Ocean view and beachfront properties are much easier to find and cheaper in Lombok than in Bali, plus developing regions such as Kuta Mandalika (not to be confused with Kuta in Bali) are ideal for real estate investment due to their increasing popularity as a holiday destination.

It is worth noting that while properties for sale in Lombok are far more affordable than in Bali, property prices are rising sharply in the past few years and therefore it is best to invest there early on.


Cliffside Ocean View Villa for Sale in Lombok

If you’re looking for a villa with a sea view, we have prepared a handpicked selection of ocean view villas and beachfront villas available for sale and long term rental. Looking to rent or buy a villa with an ocean view in Bali? Contact us so we can help find a villa that perfectly suits you. 

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